Thursday, 28 February 2013

My wishes for my children

We as mothers have so many wishes for our children, but at this stage this is what my wishes are for my two daughters...

The prompt is again from the beautiful journal for my children by Dionna Ford of Code Name Mama.

My wishes for my children:

- I wish my children would be able to pursue their passions in life!
- I wish them healthy relationships with their friends and with a significant other.
- I wish them to enjoy their lives to the fullest, and to grab every opportunity coming their way.
- I wish that they would keep an insatiable thirst for knowledge and the "truth"
- I wish them to understand and to have compassion for another's point of view.
- I wish that they would expect the world to be good, and that the world would show up accordingly!
- I wish them to be happy and to have peace in their lives!
- I wish that they would recognise being treated badly in a relationship, and to know when to move on.
- I wish them lots of fun!
- I wish them lots of overseas travels!
- I wish that they would have much more material things than I ever had. (But that they would appreciate it, because they worked hard to get it.)
- I wish them smooth sailing! If the waves come crashing, that they would have inner strength and support structures to help them cope. (I also believe that we can't live a life well without having some sort of  obstacle to overcome.)
- I wish them love!

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

20 Rules Teens Want Their Parents to Follow But Know They Won’t

This title made me curious.

I also wanted to say: "20 Rules Teens want their Parents to follow, but hope they won't"

We are a bit past the teen phase at the moment in our house, with a student away at university. She is in the time bubble between being a teen, and being an adult! It is such a precious time!
Sometimes we still see some of the teen phase, but mostly not any more...
She was also not a difficult teen at all.

Here's the list.

20 Rules Teens want their Parents to follow, but know thy won't:

1. “Don’t tell me what to do.”
2. “Don’t tell me who and when I can date.”
3. “Don’t assume you know what’s best for me.”
4. “Let me make my own mistakes when it comes to tattoos, piercings, drugs and alcohol.”
5. “Never offer me advice, unless I ask.”
6. “Give me my own credit card… with no spending limit, of course.”
7. “Don’t talk about your glory days like they are mine.”
8. “Give me the car keys whenever I ask.”
9. “Let me set my own curfew and don’t worry about where I’m going or who I’m with. And when I’m gone, don’t call me every 15 minutes..."
10. “Don’t tell me how to dress.”
11. “Don’t meddle.”
12. “Don’t embarrass me.”
13. “Don’t hug, kiss or hold my hand in public.”r
14. “Ask for my opinion on everything.”
15. “Knock before entering.”
16. “Don’t snoop through my room, phone and car.”
17. “Don’t stalk me or my friends on social networking sites.”
18. “Never ever use the excuse, ‘Because I said so.’”
19. "Practice what you preach.”
20. “Trust me.”

The link was sent to me from Baby Sitting Jobs:’t/
More can be read there.

Do you have any more suggestions of rules teens would like us to follow? :-)

Monday, 25 February 2013

The world according to Little Missy

An interview by Dad yielded the following insights from our Little Missy.
(We caught it on video, but it is a bit too long, and she pulls up her dress the whole time during the interview)

Dad: Mieka, how big is the earth?
M: Shows with hands *smiling* (see photo)
D: Is it round or square?
M: Round
Dad: What colour is it? Blue or green?
M: Blue
D: Is it water or land?
M: Water... land
D: Where do you stay? On earth?
M: Yes! On top of the world
D: Where do Dad & Mom stay?
M: With me
D: Where is the moon?
M: Up above
D: What colour is the moon?
M: Yellow
D: From what is the moon made of?
M: Light, and clouds
D: From what is the sun made of?
M: Yellow
D: Is the sun hot?
M: Yes!
D: Is the sun far or near the earth
M: Near the earth!
D: Can we walk on the sun?
M: Shakes head
D: Can we walk on the moon?
M: Shakes head.
D: Why not?
M: It is a bit slippery
D: Is it made of cheese?
M: Shakes head
D: Is there a man on the moon?
M: Yes. He wants to slide off.
D: Where does he want to slide to?
M: Off to the ground.
     He falls off the moon!
D: How does he go back to the moon?
M: With balloons.
D: How long does it take him to fly with the balloons?
M: Slowly. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9...
D: Very good! (Please leave your dress)

Friday, 22 February 2013

Love is...

An arm around my neck, accompanied by a bear hug AND...

"I like you!"

I am looking forward to a weekend with my girls! We have nothing planned, and at this stage it sounds like heaven HEAVEN!

Hope you have a great weekend as well!

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

I wore black, and I will be doing it again

I know it doesn't help the people who have died, and the people who have been raped...
But I wore black last Friday!
Powerwoman on her soapbox again!

I believe that it does not really help marching against something, and that it actually just keep on focusing on the negative! Mother Theresa also said that she would always march for peace, but not against violence.

But I wore black in solidarity with everybody who thought and pleaded and shouted against the senseless murders and the senseless rapes of women. Women who most recently got a face through Reeva Steenkamp and Anene Booysen.

Sometimes we need to speak out against something! Something that is not right! Something that is not working in our society!
How can we stand by and only watch when these things are happening?

Some of us are "luckier"or "smarter", and we think we won't be confronted with it.
I was one of them!

I did not know when I got married that I would be afraid in my own home...
That I would put up a fake smile because I was shown a gun with a silencer...
That I would go in hiding because I was afraid of my life and the life of my child...
That I had to tip-toe around my own words, afraid that the wrong word could trigger a violent verbal outburst that would explode...

That's why I am an advocate for initiatives like Speak Out.

There are reasons why you should not stay, and the earlier you acknowledge them and make a decision to not put up with unacceptable behaviour, the better for all!

We are all stronger than we think we are! We can say no! We can walk out! We can stand up, and we can speak out!

We can only make a difference in our own lives, and the lives of those we touch, but one step at a time!
We can do better than this!

We can show our children there are better ways!
Our girls should not tolerate abusive behaviour from their partners.
Our boys should not be shown the way to handle life is with guns and violence!

The only way is by living the way we want to see the world!
We cannot stay in an abusive relationship, and then try teaching our daughters differently!
We cannot keep guns, and live aggressively, and not show compassion. And then think our boys will do it differently!

It starts with us...

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Relationships end

We wish we could spare our children from the heartache, and we wish we could take it away...

We can't, and we can only say we are sorry! For both parties!

We came to love the boyfriend just as much, and it is very very sad when you realize your relationship with a special person has also come to an end!

We know it will be better, and we know you will move on!
We have gone through it as well, and we know how much it must hurt right now!

Thinking of you both!!

(Sketch by Mieka of her parents on their wedding day ;-) )

Monday, 18 February 2013

A weekend at the Crowne Plaza Rosebank

We got ourselves a weekend with a Mo, and we just loved it! (Of course!)

It was worth all of the moustache of Movember last year!

We still had to do the weekend run of tiny gymnastics, and had to pick up the student, AND had to worry about a broken-hearted student, but we had two evenings to ourselves! (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!)

I felt like stepping out of the rat race, and just go into spoil mode! 
We loved the hotel and the d├ęcor and the friendly service, and going to the movies and dining out!
*Sigh* A weekend is way too short!

We would love to do this regularly! (Hint-hint, Universe!!)

Fresh Restaurant

Sparkling wine and a view! Perfect!

Deluxe Room

Swimming pool area

Circle Bar

The lobby

Interesting art work

I had to restrain myself not to Instagram every photo of the weekend, but I added some to the collection: Instagram

Hope you also had a good one?

Thursday, 14 February 2013

We got ourselves a weekend with a Mo

The Twitter message that made him a #Movember winner

Especially for Valentine’s…

Last year we had a whole Movember of moustache, but it was worth it in the end.
Hubby won the Crowne Plaza Rosebank Hotel competition for the best/worst (?) Mo.

The competition was “tough”, as can be seen on the Crowne Plaza Pinterest board. (Hehe!)
But that does not take away the prize! A whole weekend in a hotel. He also got a whole stash of Gillette goodies. (It is going to take a while to work through it!)

We have fantasies of long dinners and a choice of movies at a cinema where the age of a four-year old won’t have to be considered!
Not that we don’t like going to the movies with our little one! But we have only seen Skyfall, for us, in the last few (6?) months!

On Valentiner's we usually say to each other that we won’t buy anything for each other, but in the end there are usually cards, and chocolates, and eating out. This year we are going to have at least two dinners and at least one leisurely breakfast over the weekend for Valentine’s! Not bad!

I got two bunches of flowers yesterday, of which one was immediately claimed by the Missy! Luckily I could convince her to keep it in the living area as well, and not in her room!

She was very happy this morning to go off with a little rose for her teacher!

Valentine's flower for my teacher!

I loved this article yesterday from Psychology Today about Sweethearts in training.
It gave me some insights in how to include our children in Valentine’s, and not only on the 14th of February.

What are you doing on Valentine’s?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Monday, 11 February 2013

All birthdays should come with party packs, even at 74

The Little Missy believes that all birthdays should come with party packs included.

She checks out the party packs when we arrive at a party, and it takes a bit of convincing before she leaves it to the end of the party.

She asks for party packs  even when we celebrate a 40-year old birthday, and yesterday her Granddad of 74 also had to explain where the party packs are.

We had such a chilled weekend, and celebrated a belated birthday, which we missed because of the accident on the highway in December.

Missy got to blow out the candles

We also celebrated another year yesterday with my Dad who is 74 now!
He looks great and he can still go forward, but says that it takes a bit of motivation in the mornings.
I hope we celebrate many more with him!

During each celebration we become much more aware of how sad it is to not have family nearby.
We miss the family members who are on different continents, and we now also have a Student who is off doing her own things at Varsity!

It is not the same being able to communicate on Skype and Facebook and emails! (Just saying!)
And it is not getting and feeling better with time passing... NO!

Coming up for some air, before talk-talking on!

And the rest of the weekend we got a barrage of Missy talk. Non-Stop!

She still has the pink house in the clouds, with two dragons and three dogs. Her little sister and two brothers are staying there. Someday she might invite us there. There are two trees nearby the house that they had to cut down, because a grown-up used too much toilet paper in her loo... 

An art work from the weekend
 (1 of 100, give or take)

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend?

Friday, 8 February 2013

10 ways to get your husband to do what you want around the house

I had to smile at this title, and it made me read the list.

I am one of the lucky women whose husband does his fair share.
So far so, that he sometimes complains he is working his ass off in this house...

I don't have to ask my husband to help me. He just does! (Thank you!)

I wonder if these tips would really help in getting the man helping with all the mundane chores?
It seems to be a bit patronising?

But here it is for a good giggle on this Friday afternoon. The article was suggested from Housekeeping, and it can be read here:

10 ways to get your husband to do what you want around the house

1. Incentive 

2. Tit for Tat 

3. Logic 

4. Hysterical Tears 

5. Bribery 

6. Guilt Trip 

7. Work Together 

8. Ask the Right Way 

9. Make a List 

10. Go on Strike 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Excited about ZA Books

ZA Books
ZA Books launched yesterday.
It is the eTextbook solution for South African education!

South African school pupils are able to download all their textbooks on an iPad, with much less cost to them, and a lot of flexibility with regards manipulation of taking notes, highlighting and search within a textbook.

It is possible to put this into each child's hand, even in rural South Africa where there already are solutions to power these devices by solar.

Taryn Hyam at iStore, Sandton

Taryn Hyam announced the launch of the ZA Books website, as well as how much inroads Apple has made already with regards education in South Africa. 
80 000 educational apps are available through the iTunes store. App guides were release last year to help parents and students with choosing the right apps. It is divided into the various grades, for primary and secondary school. 

180 schools in South Africa have already implemented iPads, of which 120 are private and government schools. 60 of these schools are iSchoolAfrica sponsored. There are a variety options available of how to implement the iPads: 1 to 1 programmes or mobile labs.

A nice video presentation of the schools that are already using iPads are available on the ZA Books home page: 

I love how teachers are responding: The children "brighten up!" (Ndlelenhle Primary School) or that "Nobody wants to miss an iPad class." It is "engaged learning!"

The observations that are forthcoming from the use of iPads: engagement, motivation, discipline, differentiation, reward and re-mediation are significantly higher!

It "allows the teachers to feel like rock stars!"

The global trends are the same, where the digital solution has become a simple choice!

The results are:
Increased interest in reading;
Cost saving;
Homework completion up;
Accessibly for special needs;
Personalised learning;
No more heavy backpacks!

Linda de Klerk
ZA Books
Linda de Klerk gave more clarification on ZA Books and how it is being implemented. 

ZA Books includes CAPS aligned titles, as well as normal reading titles. Teacher's manuals, handbooks and workbooks are available. 
It is already available in 6 languages, and 33 subjects are launched, with 600 titles available. More are being made available on a daily basis!
I checked: There are quite a number of Afrikaans books available already!

Schools can start registering at ZA Books to get a volume licence, and purchasing are done on the website. Individuals can also register.

The ZA Books app is available to download for free.

There is going to be two phases of implementation: Phase 1: school licensing; and Phase 2: individual purchasing.

The pricing is a minimum of 25% cheaper than the physical printed title!

ISchoolAfrica addresses schools in more rural environments by way of corporate sponsorships.
There are tailored solutions for each school.

I also enquired about how I can get my child's schools to adopt this type of learning. 
I was introduced  to Michelle Lissoos of Think Ahead Education Solutions. They help with talking to the principals, the selection of the right solutions for the school, the training of the teachers and implementation.

They have implemented these programmes into Afrikaans schools as well!

I am so excited about this! I will be the parent this year who will go and pester talk to the principals of my child's pre-primary and primary schools. If not this year, then the following year!

I will keep you updated, and on how easy this process is!

Do your children use iPads at school, and what are your thoughts about it?

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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

World Peace

"I want World Peace!"

;-) Of course!

But the only place I can make it happen is within myself, and around me!

I can happily say that I have peace in my life, and that my family and my home is a place of peace.
With great thanks to a wonderful Hubby who makes this possible as well!

I love a word for carrying so much meaning.

Peace is a state of being.
Peace is having equilibrium.
Peace is an atmosphere that permeates its surroundings.
Peace is the serenity in relationships.
Peace is the place we go to after a busy day.
Peace is the calm within calamity.
Peace is a blessing  I can share.

Peace is a CHOICE!

I got this word for my birthday last year, and I love looking at it everyday!

Peace is my word for 2013!

The year has already ticked off one month, but eleven months are still a long way to go.
I am still feeling that this year has gotten out of the starting block without me, but I am catching up...


What is your word for this year?

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Friday, 1 February 2013

Deluge of sketches

Nowadays we are getting a large flood of sketches e-v-e-r-y day by our 4-year old.
 The deluge are getting larger and larger...

We are also getting in lots of trouble if she finds one of the sketches still at home!
It should have been on our walls at work, already!
(I hope she forgets how much she gives us, because the space at work is limited.)

Dad gets twice as much of the craft than I do. She sometimes gives me a sketch, to minutes later changing her mind, and giving it to her dad as well.
(I don't know why? It also does not help to feign being sad about not getting as much pictures as her dad....)

I am so glad I have found the Artkive app, because I photograph it all, and I can share some of the sketches with the family as well.

They are doing self-image and body at school, and I presume that's why we are seeing so much of the stick figures and self-portraits.

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