Monday, 20 February 2012


I was so excited to start the next stage of my life: UNIVERSITY.

My parents and my boyfriend helped me to move in.
I tried to gulp down my tears when they left, but failed miserably.

When all the parents were gone; the House Committee told us to go and stand in the recreational room and be quiet. They left the room and only returned 10 minutes later. When they returned, they started to close all the rooms and blinds. All I could remember of that moment was that it felt like the bad cop interrogation style. The room was dark and suddenly they started yelling at us.

They yelled things like: “You are useless!” “You don’t belong here!” “You are not worthy of this hostel”

The screaming went on for days. We had to learn millions of songs and ‘traditions’ at the speed of light. We had to march in rows EVERYWHERE! All the girls had to wear the same clothes and have the same hairstyles, because we are a unity, you know.

We had a busy program everyday from 5am till 12pm every day, but after that it wasn’t bedtime. Oh no, then we had to create and revise songs for some important person on campus. Oh wait, we also had to make cards for every House Committee member for the mornings (WHY, I ask you! #pointless!!!!!!!!!!!)

Just when things started to get better, we heard that the seniors were coming and they wanted revenge. They wanted revenge, because we “took” their friends’ places in the residence.

OMW! Never in my life was I so scared as I was that evening of seniors’ meeting. We came back from activities and near the residence we heard chains clanking on the metal bars.
Painted faces screaming: “We want blood! We want blood!”

As we went inside, the seniors came down from all the floors and stood around us. They screamed so loud. They shouted that they hate us and we are nothing. My ears hurt for days after.

I live on floor 6. The seniors on that floor are reported as being the meanest and scariest! They taught us to greet our floor, the bear, the tree, every senior and second year. All in ONE night!

Every time we got it wrong they screamed our ears off of our heads! I was too scared to go to the loo! I was too scared to go shower. I was too scared for anything. No wait, I wasn’t scared of those things... I was afraid of the nasty, screaming, bitchy seniors!

The House Committee and seniors never even once told us that we did something right. They just wanted to scar our humanity!

I started getting very sick and the HC didn’t give a damn. When my mom called and DEMANDED that I get medical help, they said to the whole group that we must toughen up and stop being sissies.
I was finally allowed to go to the doctor. I had influenza and throat infection. The doctor was furious that the HC didn’t allow me to get medical attention sooner. She told me that I couldn’t be part of anymore activities and that I should go home.

My mom made a complaint to the campus rector about their actions.
His reply was simply that initiation doesn’t exist...

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  1. No way! I hate this sort of thing. The 'secret club' bullshit is still raging and hurting kids. Poor you! x

  2. Poor littler you. I hate this sort of thing. What's with the "secret club" business. Just what are they protecting?? No one should ever be treated like this and to pretend it doesn't go on is dangerous and cruel. x

  3. Oh Karen, I would just want to go and get my girl out of there....its heartbreaking she and many others have to go through that humililation and pain :(

  4. I can imagine that this must have been awful I am so glad for you that it is all over all seems so childish and totally pointless because we teach our children to always say positive things about others and there you were just broken down and humiliated.

    I do hope that the rest of your University career is going to be much fun and happiness.

  5. Oh no! And then I hear how much fun the girls at Tuks are having in there first few weeks. Just does not sound right.

    Hope the rest is way better.

  6. This whole story has made me so angry!!!

    I hate that we do these things to each other :(

    What kind of children are we raising who do this sort of thing.

    Sorry you had to go through this. I hope it is better now!!

  7. We've heard as well that things are better at Tuks.

    It's going better, but they still have to do stuff and follow "traditions" AND wear clothes identifying them as first years!

    I am trying to teach the student how to say "No!" without feeling guilty! They cannot kick them out of the residence for not attending a sport match when they have an assignment to complete for studies... (as they are being threatened!)


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