Thursday, 30 January 2014

It’s fairly easy to get your hands on information about parenting

Caring for Your Child blog

Tamsin Haley from Caring for Your Child is responsible for today's guest post:

There are often times during our lifetimes that we look for information. Whether it’s about tertiary education options, to buying our first car, to looking for somewhere to live, or even just to find out what celebrities may be up to, we constantly want more information. This never changes, though maybe the topics we search do change. From the moment we find out about being pregnant, there is so much more information that we may need. And this doesn’t change as our children grow up. Sometimes it’s just great to get a second opinion, or to find other mothers that think the same way that you do.

This is where Caring For Your Child comes in. We are focused on becoming your one-stop-blog for information regarding parenting. Our easy to search through categories cover the different stages that children go through as they grow up. Different articles are placed under the different categories so you can find what you are looking for. To gain access to the main body of our site, you do need to sign up as a member – this sign up process is free and always will be.

However, we realise that we cannot cover all the topics you could wish to know about. But we have a solution to this. Our discussion forums are available to all members of our site, and you are more than welcome to start new topics or join in the current conversations. If you would like information for a topic that we have not covered, please ask us here, and we can see what we can find to help you.

We also know that mothers are busy people, and sometimes you don’t have the time to go searching for answers to your questions. So we bring the information to you. We send out a newsletter every two weeks, covering topics that are relevant to the busy mom right to your inbox!

Visit our site to sign up at and join us on Twitter @Caring4UrChild!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Initiation still ongoing at university

Time for the Soap Box:

Each year I hope that they would finally see the light and that they would stop with the practices of initiation at university...

But each year the previous year's first year students are allowed to go off on and bully their fellow students. They are allowed to scare their fellow students shit-less and they are allowed to take a superior stance over the junior students coming into the establishment.

I have heard that it is not as bad at certain institutions, but I have seen and heard again that it is exactly the same our  Student experienced two years ago. I felt at that stage that I had failed my daughter for sending her to this establishment.

I saw on Saturday groups of people dressed in the same clothes. It did not look enjoyable at all jumping after a ball. I heard no laughing. They were just going through the motions!

This group below was walking in groups of three's, holding hands, with seniors walking behind, with a big red emergency bag at her side. Maybe it is good that there is an emergency bag, but what it say that there is a necessity for an emergency bag?

When we walked past a group of juniors, there was this muffled greetings from each of them. Poor girls. They are forced to greet all the seniors with titles.

Yesterday evening the senior had to dress and paint their faces in ugly scary white, red and black and there was a lot of shouting and screaming. This is a tradition apparently to introduce the seniors to the juniors. The poor juniors can't even recognise the seniors with their war paint, and they are targeted when they are really tired already.

It is bullying and abuse!

It is not necessary! 
It does not say a whole lot about us as a society! 

Why can't the juniors be welcomed in a happy stress-free environment?
Why do they have to be bullied into submission?

I don't understand it! At all! 

Monday, 27 January 2014

3rd Year Student

We dropped off a third year student at Varsity this past weekend! 

Of course it feels like this time with her getting a degree is whizzing by. The 3rd and final year of the her studies. She is most probably going to continue with her studies for another year, but it has been lightning fast!

We had her for a whole three months at home, and we miss her at home. 
Little Missy cried when we had to say goodbye, and I had to wipe a few tears as well! Little Missy reminds us each day that she is missing her big sister, and that it is not nice at all that she is not here.

The Student was extremely excited to go back, and she is looking forward to another year with her fellow students. As well as a new year with studies she is fortunately still enjoying! 
She blogged that it is good to be back in her residence on campus! That makes me happy!

I am so glad that she is enjoying it and that is making the most of her time! 

We love you! 
We are proud of you!

(We miss you!)

Friday, 24 January 2014

An app that I would like right now: Little Hoots

The "Eye Looker" checked out her left red eye yesterday
I got the Little Hoots  introduction in my inbox, and was immediately excited to try it out!
It seems like such a great way to capture the things they say! Because we do forget!

It seems the app is only in the developing phase, and they are planning to launch it in April. They have a campaign running on Indiegogo, and hopefully they will reach their goal.

"LittleHoots is a mobile application designed for busy parents allowing them to capture, create, and archive all the fabulous things their kids say and do.
So what is LittleHoots?They help busy parents easily capture their memories and kid's quotes on-the-go. They also make your memories instantly beautiful and easy to keep forever. With your help, they can accelerate the development of the application so you can start easily keeping every word and every beautiful moment with your little ones. Life’s a hoot! Capture every moment.Your contribution will help them meet their $10,000 goal so they can launch in April 2014. Check out all the fun perks!"
                                                                     - Little Hoots on Indiegogo

Yesterday I had Little Missy's eye checked out at an ophthalmologist, because another child occidentally poked her in the eye. It stayed red and the teacher sent a note home as well.
It turns out she has a burst veinlet in the eye, but it will heal on its own.

Afterwards she told me that she visited the "Eye Looker" (Oogkyker in Afrikaans).

My Little Hoots could look like this. The photo with:


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

What makes pirates being afraid? - another Afrikaans app for the iPad

I found this cute adaptation of an Afrikaans book, "Waarvoor is seerowers bang?", as an application for the iPad.

Arrr! Everyone knows pirates aren’t afraid of anything! But when something on deck starts smelling worse than the breath of a hammerhead shark, Sanmarie suspects there might be one thing that makes her fearless pirate dad and his crew tremble in their dirty boots ... This hilarious, rip-roaring, rhyming pirate adventure by well-known children’s author Jaco Jacobs comes to life on your iPad – thanks to innovative animation, fun music and lots of interactive elements."
                                                                           - Waarvoor is seeerowers bang?

The story is written and narrated by Jaco Jacobs, with the illustrations by Chris Venter.
It was developed by Lapa and Full Circle cooperation.

There are three features available:

- Children can read the story by themselves.

- The story is read to them and they are able to interact with the animations on the screen. The animations include touch elements, flickering green arrows and an extra sidebar with extra character comments.

- There is also a puzzle game available.

This is definitely the small fee worth, especially since the hard copy is three times the price of the application.

I could not wait to hear what makes a pirate afraid!
Very cute!

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Monday, 20 January 2014

Quotes inspiration at Maropeng

We visited Maropeng for the first time yesterday! We have definitely missed out.
I can go there again because there is so much to see!

The many quotes are a call to action and very inpiring! I am sharing some of it here:

"Will we destroy ourselves?"
"If we don't act now, the terrible irony is that our great
grandchildren will only know of ancient forests through
pictures in books printed on the paper that contributed
to their extinction" - Graham Lester George
Little Missy's hands in the hand prints
of Nelson Mandela
"It is in you hands to make a difference"
- Nelson Mandela

"There are no passengers on spaceship earth.
We are all crew."
Marshall McLuhan

Mrs Ples on her last day at Maropeng
before she moves on to another exhibit
It was great that we could see the original Mrs Ples, but luckily there is enough copies of her going around.

Little Missy loved the boat ride demonstrating how the earth was formed, although it was a bit scary (she says), as well as walking over a bridge with the earth rotating around us and feeling like we are going to fall off!
But it was the highlights of the tour, and that is what she keeps on telling people when asked about her day.
Hands over the ears on the boat ride through the tunnels

Definitely worth a visit!

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Thursday, 16 January 2014

iCarly's Spaghetti Tacos are great for children's parties

Last Saturday we were invited to a 7-year old party where the requested food was Spaghetti Tacos, as was demonstrated on iCarly.

We were all a bit taken aback by the strange combination, but it was surprisingly good.
The children loved it, of course!

It is also not that difficult to prepare to put together:

Spaghetti Tacos

(quantities depending on number of party goers – 1 Taco for each child, and up to 3 for the adults)

beef mince
freshly prepared tomato and onion sauce
corn taco shells
grated cheddar cheese


Prepare spaghetti.
Prepare mince with seasoning, but not too spicy for the children.
Prepare tomato sauce with fresh chopped tomatoes and onions and seasoning.
Prepare guacamole with extra chillies kept separate for the adults.

Put all the prepared ingredients on the table, and party-goers assembly their own tacos.
Warning: Prone to breaking and spillage! (Keep the serviettes close-by!)

There is another version of a Hungry Spaghetti Tacos recipe on the iCarly Wiki. 

It is worth a try! And a re-try!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

How to eat sushi

The Little Missy loves eating sushi.
Getting there...
Fingers helping...
There you go!

Monday, 13 January 2014

Space Travel at the Johannesburg Planetarium

Johannesburg Planetarium 
I don't know why we haven't taken Little Missy before to the Planetarium in Johannesburg, because it is really worth it.

They have a Space Travel show for 5 - 8 year old's on at the moment, and we all loved it! The birthday children had to help to switch on the "machine", and off we went with Thomas the Astronomer in his giant rocker, first to the game reserve, then the moon, and then beyond!

Watching the stars - flat on her back on her chair 
They have a lovely library of space-related literature
to keep you busy before the show starts
They also cater for parties, and there are some love places under the trees to set up some chairs and a table with cake and goodies.

We will be coming back.
The admission prices are also very affordable!

Friday, 10 January 2014

Dancing into the New Year!

We had the pleasure to be invited to a New Year's party with a theme: AA.
It was a definitely a great way to start a New Year with dancing and joy

Anthony & Cleopatra, an Arabian Prince and Aurora (Little Missy)
on the dance floor with the balloons
The balloons kept Little Missy for the whole evening. She was gathering them up, and letting them go. Again and again!
And some she was allowed to let go into the air...
Aviator, Athena and Aurora
I was planning to be an Archivist with an Attitude, and got a lot of temporary tattoos, but in the end went as Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, war and crafts. It was easier to drape a pashima over my shoulder than to be "myself". (Joking! But it would have been boring.)

Little Missy and her dad got very enthusiastic with the theme when they saw all the great masks in the shop. She also had to have the alien mask!

Alien Aurora
Alien Aviator

The hosts for the evening: Anthony & Cleopatra
Little Missy loved my Athena sword
Of course we had to end the evening with Chinese lanterns!
There were a few successes, but most came back down and gave everybody a scare when they landed near other people's residences. (Maybe not such a good idea...)

Cleopatra and an Arabian Princess
And the best of the evening! I had one glass of wine and Hubby drank non-alcoholic, so we were bright and breezy the next day!
The drive home was also not that scary with all the roadblocks... (Of course they did not pull us off! Thanks Murphy!)

This year started on a high dancing note. We have to do a bit more dancing this year!
(Especially since our 10th wedding anniversary is coming up this year... *Hint!*)

How was your New Year celebrations?

Thursday, 9 January 2014

She is going to be...

First day page by Cupcake Mummy
Cupcake Mummy offered to print a First Day Page on her Facebook page for people asking for one for their own children. I got Little Missy's yesterday.
(It is very cute, thank you very much, Cupcake Mummy!)

I had to phone the Little Missy to ask her what she want to be.
I made a couple of suggestions, but she decided that "doctor" sounds the best!

The last word on this was in December when she announced to a game drive audience during the bushveld holiday that she wants to pack the bags in a supermarket when she grows up...
Previously she got very upset when asked about what she is going to become, but now she is willing to discuss it.

Last night we spoke about it again, and she told me she wants to become a pizza-maker!
No, a spacewoman!
No, not a doctor, a nurse! Definitely a nurse!


As long as she know that she can become anything she wants to be!
That is what I will keep on telling her!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Grade R, bring it!

Grade R has been the ultimate ultimate goal for our Little Missy!
She has been bugging and dreaming about the elusive Grade R for decades years!

It is finally in sight when they start at the primary school next week.

We went and bought the sport clothes, the only uniform she is going to have to wear this year.
And apparently only on Tuesdays or when they tell us to.

She was very excited!

I had to ask for the smallest size, and it still looks a bit big!

She is ready!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Disney Cinderella Kids was a blast for the Birthday Girl

We were promising Little Missy to see Disney The Aristocats by The People's Theatre, but it ended earlier than we had hoped. She was reminding us since April when we saw Sleeping Beauty that she wanted to see
"Rescue Cats"!

Luckily Disney Cinderella Kids was still on, and we saw it on the 24 December, the last day of shows at the Joburg Theatre Complex.

The show had her glued to her seat.

The best was when they called all the birthday children of the month to the stage, and gave them each a small present! It really helps to be part of the The Kid's Club.

Apparently another four productions is planned for this year! I will check back more regularly not to miss out. Little Missy has not forgotten about "Rescue Cats"...

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post! 
We love attending the shows as a family!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Joy for 2014

We had a great holiday season, and it was awesome to enjoy summer with the family. The lazy days of summer gave us a whole lot of breaths for 2014.

I can't say that I am super excited going back to work, but I have a feeling it is going to be a great year!

I haven't made a list this year!
I will just keep on saying yes to opportunities coming my way.
I have learnt that one opportunity creates another opportunity!

And I will embrace "JOY" for this year!
My previous word was peace, and I became aware of how much peace and joy are used in the same sentence!

What is the meaning of life if we can't have joy in our lives?

I hope you had a super ending to 2013, and that your 2014 will be filled with Joy!

En-joy 2014! (Big smile!)

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