Friday, 10 January 2014

Dancing into the New Year!

We had the pleasure to be invited to a New Year's party with a theme: AA.
It was a definitely a great way to start a New Year with dancing and joy

Anthony & Cleopatra, an Arabian Prince and Aurora (Little Missy)
on the dance floor with the balloons
The balloons kept Little Missy for the whole evening. She was gathering them up, and letting them go. Again and again!
And some she was allowed to let go into the air...
Aviator, Athena and Aurora
I was planning to be an Archivist with an Attitude, and got a lot of temporary tattoos, but in the end went as Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, war and crafts. It was easier to drape a pashima over my shoulder than to be "myself". (Joking! But it would have been boring.)

Little Missy and her dad got very enthusiastic with the theme when they saw all the great masks in the shop. She also had to have the alien mask!

Alien Aurora
Alien Aviator

The hosts for the evening: Anthony & Cleopatra
Little Missy loved my Athena sword
Of course we had to end the evening with Chinese lanterns!
There were a few successes, but most came back down and gave everybody a scare when they landed near other people's residences. (Maybe not such a good idea...)

Cleopatra and an Arabian Princess
And the best of the evening! I had one glass of wine and Hubby drank non-alcoholic, so we were bright and breezy the next day!
The drive home was also not that scary with all the roadblocks... (Of course they did not pull us off! Thanks Murphy!)

This year started on a high dancing note. We have to do a bit more dancing this year!
(Especially since our 10th wedding anniversary is coming up this year... *Hint!*)

How was your New Year celebrations?


  1. My new years celebrations was quite chilled, I just stayed home and went into the new year reading a book. I'm not really one for parties. Yes, I'm interestingly boring.

  2. That looks like loads of fun. A dress up party always gives one a sense of freedom that you don't feel as yourself.


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