Thursday, 16 January 2014

iCarly's Spaghetti Tacos are great for children's parties

Last Saturday we were invited to a 7-year old party where the requested food was Spaghetti Tacos, as was demonstrated on iCarly.

We were all a bit taken aback by the strange combination, but it was surprisingly good.
The children loved it, of course!

It is also not that difficult to prepare to put together:

Spaghetti Tacos

(quantities depending on number of party goers – 1 Taco for each child, and up to 3 for the adults)

beef mince
freshly prepared tomato and onion sauce
corn taco shells
grated cheddar cheese


Prepare spaghetti.
Prepare mince with seasoning, but not too spicy for the children.
Prepare tomato sauce with fresh chopped tomatoes and onions and seasoning.
Prepare guacamole with extra chillies kept separate for the adults.

Put all the prepared ingredients on the table, and party-goers assembly their own tacos.
Warning: Prone to breaking and spillage! (Keep the serviettes close-by!)

There is another version of a Hungry Spaghetti Tacos recipe on the iCarly Wiki. 

It is worth a try! And a re-try!


  1. I have been craving this since then! It is really amazing!

  2. That looks amazing and I can imagine enjoying that.


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