Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Back to a new normal - Covid times update

Cradle Moon Lakeside walk next to Heritage lake

It is going very well with this clan! 

It's 2021 and the Virus is still with us. But the numbers are coming down every day, and the roll-out of the vaccines has started in South Africa. We know of people who died, and people who is still in ICU with Covid... Our immediate family is all safe and still healthy! But we are all wearing our masks, and things are looking up! We are more than surviving this!

The schools opened with a bang. It was a whole month later than previous years, but it is back to every day school for all the students. It was quite shock to our systems. 🀯For some reason, we missed the memo about every day. We thought the schools would continue the same as last year. One day in, one day work at home...

Miss Fine loved it at home, and would have happily continued like this. Luckily, Grade 7 turns out to being a great year. Miss Fine enjoys being part of the seniors at school, and they had a two-day leadership workshop with fellow students this past weekend. She got sunburnt quite bad, because it was held outdoors, but they had a ball. Miss Fine signed up to everything that's happening again at school. There's netball and Revue. There's also Voortrekkers (scouts), which apparently is going to be a busy year for the Grade 7's. Hopefully camps can start again? They are doing it a bit differently (because Covid) this year, but thankfully things are opening up with enthusiasm. 

The peer group is now definitely the focus, and what they do and think and dress are the bomb. We do not get viewed by the same regard of reference. It's all okay.πŸ˜‰ I love this stage! 

I am constantly in awe of Miss Fine and her friends. They are such awesome and beautiful human beings. (I should tell them that more often.) They still get excited about life and things, and happily shares it with us. Of course she thinks she knows better, but it's okay. Sometimes, I really learn new things!😜

I am still not sure about my word for the year? "Survival" doesn't really cut it! I need a more positive focus!

I have a job interview tomorrow. Hold thumbs. It is stressful times. 😁

What's happening with you?

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Instax SQUARE SQ1 - review

Instax SQUARE SQ1 with Instax square prints
Instax Square SQ1

FUJIFILM South Africa launched the Instax SQUARE SQ1 instant camera in October 2020, which is a welcome addition for fans of instant square film. FUJIFILM designed the SQ1 to make photography as user-friendly as possible, with new Automatic Exposure and One-Touch Selfie Mode features.

We got a Terracotta Orange Instax SQ1 instant camera to review for two weeks. We kept it a bit longer to cover Valentine's weekend, as it seemed like the perfect companion for our special Instax Valentine's plans. The instant memories added an extra special touch to special times. 

Valentine's Day photo with Instax SQUARE SQ1
Special Valentine's Day with Instax Square SQ1

See what features we like, and why we think it is the perfect accessory for a selfie creative...

Friday, 12 February 2021

Planning a special Instax Valentine's Day

Karen du Toit with Instax Square SQ1

"A Special Valentine’s Day with Instax"

It's Valentine's weekend. We have the Instax Square SQ1 that we are busy reviewing. This weekend is the perfect opportunity to capture all the special memories with family and loved ones. I look forward to Valentine's Day, and I love all the Instax products. Nothing beats the instant gratification of a keepsake photo in hand! We have a special weekend planned with friends and family. All outside, because it's glorious summer, and very safe! (Take that, Covid!) 

Fujifilm Instax has some awesome suggestions on how to make Valentine's Day even more special.

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Disney's Upside Down Magic - our thumbs-up review


Upside Down Magic poster
Disney's Upside Down Magic (cc Disney)

Disney Channel (DSTv 303) premiered Disney's Upside Down Magic on 29 January. We as a family enjoyed the movie so much, and Miss Fine watched it more than once. The movie has all the important elements she enjoys now: magic, suspense, humour, friends and friendships, action, and of course, teens being teens. The outsider element of the nerdy characters of the Upside Down Academy proofs that we don't all have to conform to be valuable. 

We give the movie 5/5 for perfect family entertainment. Hopefully a series is on the  cards, or in the making?

See the trailer here: Disney Upside Down Magic trailer on Youtube

Thursday, 21 January 2021

Where the sun rises - This book is worth 5

Where the sun rises book on Kindle
Where the sun rises: a story of feminine courage and friendship

Where the sun rises
, by Suzanne Strong: I spend my one week of holiday with this book, and after I finished reading, the story kept on lingering, even now. The characters are as real as life, as the war is real! It is truly scary and horrifying that there are still fighting like this happening in the world. Surely we can evolve as human beings and start living together, respecting each other and our differences? 

This book highlights women empowerment in challenging times! This is a book worth reading! 

Rating: 5/5

See my goodreads review below.

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

January 2021 - Back to the same


2021 New Year - on letterboard
New Year - Same same

It's fitting that my first post of 2021 is on the 13th. This year feels like a do-over for the previous year. 

We are still in the funk of a pandemic. The numbers of infections and deaths keep getting worse. There are some vaccine roll-outs, but still not here in South Africa. It's still very scary!

We have been very lucky. We are healthy. We try to stay at home most of the time. Hubby and I had one week of leave, between Christmas and the New Year, and we have been back at work from the 4th of January. I am not complaining, as we do have work. After Hubby being retrenched last year, and my workplace in the thick of a retrenchment process as well, we are grateful for being able to earn salaries at this stage. 

We did not go away, and vacation seems like a far-away reality! We also haven't made any plans yet, as the levels of the pandemic keep changing. We are back on an updated Level 3 here!

(But I still feel like burnout... Ignore, Karen, ignore! I should be grateful!)

We had many plans for last year. Now the plans are starting afresh for this year. Breathe, and grab it,  again! I am still not sure what my word 2021 will be? Have you got your word? It always help to focus me for the upcoming year.

Miss Fine is going to Grade 7 this year. The schools only start at the end of this month. We had to go and buy new school clothes, as the Grade 7 group wear a whole new outfit for the year. We were at the shops on Saturday for the new school clothes. We had to stand in a queue to get in, with hand sanitising and temperature checks. Luckily we got most of the necessities. Shew! Now it's only school shoes, and stationery on the list to get. 

It was traumatic buying new school clothes: 

1. Buying school clothes during a pandemic with all the precautions in place! ("Keep your mask on!" Sanitise! Sanitise again!)

2. Buying school clothes with sensory issues in overload. (Man, we get stretched into RED trying on different sizes and shapes, with school clothes that feels like carton! It's not soft at all!) 

3. Having to pay exorbitant prices for these same clothes! (I wish we could also buy the generic versions, then we had at least a choice for the quality.)

I have signed up for Veganuary. I am doing it "undercover".😜 That means that I try to eat even more plant-based, but I am not that hard on myself. I need to sort out my health with regards acidity, and this feels like the best way to do it! I am used to almond milk already, and won't be going back! (This is my New Year's resolution for 2021 for now!)

Happy New Year! 

What's your plans?

Do you have any New Year's resolutions?