Thursday, 27 September 2018

Hatching a Mermaid - Coolest ever

Nurchum Mermaid Hatch Egg, still in packaging
Ever since the hatching craze started, Miss Fine Fine had her eye on a hatching egg. Two years back the craze was sold out. We could not even get them from America when my brother came to visit. So we never got around to get a hatching egg. The excitement was high when the Nurchums Hatch Egg arrived as a blog drop.

Girl opening up bucket with Nurchum hatch egg
What she always wanted - a hatching egg!

It was indicated on the package that it was going to be a mermaid, and the countdown started...

Apparently it was going to take a while, even 14 days a-while, which was very long for a child (and Mom). But I was surprised. Miss Fine took it in her stride. She started to mark off the days on the calendar, and everyday there were more cracks starting to show. We got the egg on Tuesday, and by Friday the cracks were large enough to see something inside. We convinced Miss Fine to wait another day, and on Saturday she finally cracked it open. You can see the progress on my Instagram Highlights.

The allure of the hatching toys ticks the box for Socio Emotional Learning (SEL) toys, which teach children nurturing as well as delayed gratification. It also forms part of the collectibles craze, while the surprise aspect also adds to the fun. We knew we were getting a mermaid, but not how she would look.

Miss Fine is still busy growing the mermaid. Apparently you can let her grow, and when we take her out of the water, she will return to original size.

Nurchums are also available in Dinosaur ranges, as well as Fantasy figurines. Great for girls and boys alike. 

This is perfect for a birthday persent, as well as a Christmas present. They retail for R89.99, which is fantastic! This is my best go-to birthday present and Christmas gift option sorted for the upcoming year! They are available at Plasticland, Toy Kingdom, and other independent toy shops and can also be purchased online at Takealot and Loot.

For more information, visit Pollywiggles

Disclaimer: We got this as a blog drop, but I was not asked to paid or write this.
                    This is just too good not to share!

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Coming to a cinema near you: Smallfoot - Win tickets

SmallFoot movie poster
"Get Yeti" - SmallFoot Movie poster
Yetis or BIG Foots. Who knew they would be afraid of a SMALLfoot? Thinking of  a humans as a monster mythical creature... This is definitely a must see for the whole family. The movie will be in Ster-Kinekor cinemas from 28 September.

Perfect for the upcoming school holidays. Even better: Watching Smallfoot at the Kid's Cinema would be the perfect outing.

A Yeti called Migo (Channing Tatum) has a run-in with a small foot (a human) after a plane crashes in the Yeti world up in the clouds. Migo is terrified and curious of small foots because Yetis believe they are mythical creatures, in the same way small foots think of Yetis.   When Migo tells his tribe about his encounter, the tribe starts to panic and the stern elder of the tribe banishes him for telling tall tales.
With the help of Meechee (Zendaya) and the Smallfoot Evidentiary Society (S.E.S), which Meechee heads, Migo must come down to Earth and capture a human as evidence that small foots exist. The journey is hilarious, with lots of twists and turns, but it’s equally heart-felt with a message that sometimes what we fear, fears us too, and to never judge anyone based on what they look like.


Two readers of this blog can each win a set of 4 family tickets each.

These are the participating cinemas that the winners can win tickets:

Mall @ Carnival
Mall of Africa
Blue Route
Tyger Valley


1. Comment below with the Ster-Kinekor cinema (listed above) where you would like to go and see the movie.
2. The competition starts today, and ends Friday 28 September at 12pm.
3. Only residents of South Africa who can get to the cinema by own transport is eligible.
4. The winner will be selected by and it will be announced here and on Facebook.
5. An entry is only allowed when you have not won here in the past three months.

Good luck, Smallfoots! ;-)

Thanks, Ster-Kinekor, for the opportunity, and for giving us two tickets as well to attend. 


Congrats to Jessie McKay and Leandra du Toit. Please send your email addresses?

Friday, 21 September 2018

10 Disney Movies to watch in 2018/2019

Disney Africa 2018 poster
Disney Africa Showcase 2018
The most recent Disney Showcase 2018 was once again a smorgasbord of great offerings. There are so much on offer. We can't share too much at this stage, but here is the list of great movies in the upcoming year. What we love about Disney movies, is that we know it always tick all the boxes. Great entertainment, for the whole family, humorous, adventurous, drama, suspense, action... It's all there!

10 Movies to put on the Movie List 2018/2019

  • Nutcracker and the Four Realms - 2 November
  • Ralph break the Internet - 30 November
  • Mary Poppins Returns - 28 December
  • Glass - 18 January
  • Captain Marvel - 8 March 
  • Dumbo - 29 March
  • Aladdin - 24 May
  • The Lion King - 19 July
  • Artemis Fowl - 9 August

I can't choose!

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Mrs Simpson's should be on your Dullstroom list

Portrait of Mrs Simpson inside restaurant with handbags and shoes
Wallis Simpson, the late Duchess of Windsor
We had the most amazing weekend getaway in Dullstroom two weeks back. One of the places that really deserves a mention, is Mrs Simpson's. I would not have given it a second look driving past there, but you have to go in to experience the ambiance, the people and the great food.

We started off our Friday evening at Wild about Whisky, and after that we went to Mrs. Simpson's. The whole weekend was a treat, and this is one I want to remember and go back to. The history of the restaurant and well as the history of Mrs Simpson is well worth looking up. Wallis Simpson must have been something in 1930 to have dated the Prince of Wales while she had two divorces behind her, and he abdicated from the throne for her. A true love story!

Monday, 17 September 2018

New Disney Junior shows and products - Give-away

New episodes from Trulli Tales, Sofia the First, The Lion Guard, Muppet Babies, Mickey and the Roadster Races, and Vampirina. They're all on Disney Junior (DStv Channel 309), and some brand spanking new this month.

Watch out for the Muppet Babies (Mom's choice) and Vampirina (Miss Fine's choice), as some of the exciting new episodes.


Muppet Babies
Muppet Babies - Disney Junior

What were those delightful creatures The Muppets like when they were babies? They look as cute as the original Muppets, maybe even cuter... The Muppet Babies premiered on Monday 3rd September and continues on weekdays until Friday 21st September at 10:00 SA
The legendary Muppets live in a nursery, looked after by a human nanny, where they play and have lots of adventures, often solving problems using their imaginations.


Vampirina flying in front of moon
Vampirina - Disney Junior

The fun-filled “fangtastic” series Vampirina continues this month with premiere episodes from Monday 24th to Friday 28th September at 17:30. The series is based on the hit children’s books Vampirina Ballerina. Vee is a vampire girl whose family move to Pennsylvania to run a guest house for ghouls and goblins.

In the episode entitled Dance-lvania (Thursday 27th September at 17:30) Vee is celebrating Dance-elvania day, her favourite Transylvanian holiday, by hosting a dance party. She's worried a visiting zombie will spoil things but he turns out to be a surprise hit.


Disney Junior has made available one hamper to give away in conjunction with all the new products which are available in retail for Disney Junior shows. All the products are new on the market and available at all good retailers both in-store and online. Some of the new range include books, activity sets and toys for shows like Vampirina, Puppy Dog Pals, Sofia the First and The Lion Guard.

WIN one hamper consisting of the following:

1. Puppy Dog Pals Busy Book - R270
Puppy Dog Pals - My Busy Book

2. Puppy Dog Pals Surprise Action Toy - R500
Puppy Dog Pals Surprise Action Toy

The Lion Guard Puzzle Book - R150

The Lion Guard - My First Puzzle Book

Total: R920

 How to win: T's & C's

- This competition will run for a week and end on 24 September 2018 at 12 pm.
- The winner will be announced here and on MomAgain@40 Facebook Page.
- Comment below to be entered into the competition. Which shows do your kids love the most on Disney Junior? (Please leave your email address to make it easier for us to reach you)
- This competition is open to South African residents only.
- If you have won here in the past 3 months you will not be eligible to win this competition.

Updated: 24 September 2018

Congratulations to the winner:

Megan Hartwig

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Wild about Whisky in Dullstroom

Wild about Whisky tasting mat with whisky glasses

We had an unforgettable weekend in Dullstroom this past weekend, thanks to my husband's work. We kicked off the weekend at Wild about Whisky, where we had a choice between whiskies, craft gins, premium brandies, sipping rums and tequilas from all over the world.

c/u whisky glasses on tasting mat
I.R.A Irish Readily Available Whisky

We love our whisky and both my husband and I did a whisky tasting. It was a great way to kick of the weekend.  
Man with whisky tasting mat and whiskies
Hubby being tutored about his whisky selection
I can't remember what tasting option Hubby choose, but we could taste from one another as well.

Group doing whisky tasting
Group tasting - Some had coffee, some had gin and some whisky
Dullstroom is one of the best places for a quick getaway. It is not too far from the city, but there is so much to do on a weekend. We will definitely go back. Watch out for more posts about our weekend. It was the best recharge I had in a really long time.

Glass at whisky tasting
We also experienced Mrs. Simpsons, Anvil Ale Brewery, Dullstroom Inn and Charlie C's. We stayed at Avemore Lodge, which is walking distance from the town centre. It could not have been more perfect.

Which other places is a must-see in Dullstroom?

Monday, 10 September 2018

New Relationships Talk by Michal Snyman

Michal Snyman speech at Kaddy's
#AMamaNeedsToKnow - Michal Snyman
'Israeli born, Michal Snyman, a vibrant mother of three and a successful business owner. She shares her incredible story of starting "over" and finding love again, as well as creating a beautiful blended family.' 

I was incredulously listening to Michal Snyman on Thursday night when she told us that she goes to the mirror and says: "I am champion!", "I am beautiful", "I am sexy", "I am the best wife in the world", "I am the best mom in the world", "I am the best daughter in the world", and "I am the best sister in the world". The more she told us of how much she likes herself, and how much she values herself, the more I could resonate to it as well! Yes, she is the most beautiful and sexy and powerful woman I have seen. She is one of the most inspiring people I have met. She is all of that!

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Miss Fine's sleep milestone

Miss Fine SnapChat filter
This blog's main purpose has been to record the life and times we have with Miss Fine. I still value coming here and reading all about her milestones, and hope one day she will still be able to come back here as well. We forget so easily. (The Internet is also like a flashing file, and hopefully we will still be able to read it here in future?)

Sleep has not been the most easy since Miss was born. We could never find the off-button, until it finally was off! She can sleep very late every day. But going to sleep, that is the problem...

The Eldest has moved all of her belongings out of her room, and we have been slowly moving Miss Fine into her room. It is a bit bigger, and across from our room. Miss Fine has been enjoying setting up her new room. She has the big Miffy (which I had won at the Kids Living launch), which got set up immediately by Miss Fine. She can switch and dim the light because it is right next to her bed.
Miffy from Mr Maria design
Miffy lighting

Guess what? This week she has gone to bed with a book, and all by herself. It is her decision. We used to take turns to lie next to her until she falls asleep. I know, she's nearly 10. (It took that long.) We are celebrating our "free time" from 8 - 9 pm at night. But it is also sad. The nightly cuddles and talks have come to an end. A milestone has been reached, and an era is gone.

We, the parents, don't know what we want.

Happy sleeping, Miss Fine! I know I am going to miss this.       

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Sgt. Stubby, An Unlikely Hero - Review

Sgt. Stubby - Un Unlikely Hero - part of poster
Sgt. Stubby is an unexpected movie, with an unexpected hero. The animated movie of the war trials and heroism of a stray dog during the First World War are epic. Especially since it is based on a true story. The dog formed a strong bond with a his master and battalion. He managed to stay with the dough-boys of the 26th "Yankee" Division at the onset of America's involvement in WWI in Europe.

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