Monday, 28 January 2013

Movie clip Monday #29 - 4 year old dancing to jazz music

The first Movie Clip Monday of 2013. She caught me taking the movie, and said "enough" at the end.
 (I have to sneak in a photo or movie clip nowadays...)

We had a great weekend, which started with a picnic and jazz evening on Friday night.

After I had spend an hour stuck in a lift on Friday afternoon, the rest of the weekend was pure joy!
I did not think I would become claustrophobic, but standing in the pitch-dark, and not knowing what is happening is quite frightening.

We had a power outage at work, and it's not fun when a lift door finally opens to only reveal a wall...
Not knowing on what floor you are coming from the tenth floor...

I have learnt that it helps tremendously if you know in  which lift you are climbing before you enter.
(Both of us in the lift did not know in which one we were.)

But it definitely helped that I had my cellphone with me. We could both phone and text our offices, and made sure that security and maintenance knew about us.

Because we only got a very harsh reply (maybe we pressed it too much?) each time we pressed the elevator button: "There's a power failure! Please be patient!"


Hope you had a great weekend?

Friday, 25 January 2013

Second Year at Varsity

The Student is off for her second year studies at university!
She is looking forward to it.
(An understatement! She cannot wait!)

This year this mother can relax a little bit much!

There is no more of the initiation worries of the first year, and me feeling that I have failed my child for sending her to a place that was the worst with regards these types of practices.
The initiation lasted much longer last year than we had hoped, but in the end she came through it!

Luckily, we have not heard of any bad practices so far, but I will definitely report back if we get to hear of nasty practices still happening!
The Student has vowed not be be involved with any of this type of mistreatment of juniors in the residences!

This year she can focus more on her studies, but she can also have the time of her life on campus.

She has a new room-mate, and they seem a much better fit after she had to learn some life lessons while studying last year.

Hopefully a pep talk with the student would also not be necessary this year! (Hint ;-) )
This year she know how to organise and plan, and how to fit in the fun stuff!

I hope that she will have lots and loads of fun while getting her degree!

I am so proud of her for trying her utmost last year, and for seeing it through!

She passed all her subjects, and can now focus on doing her second year subjects!

Enjoy it, Young Lady!!

We are going to miss you!

Photo: A bit of fun at Pretville

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Perceptions change

I was reminded about how much we have different perceptions of of ourselves, and that time usually has a very positive filter!

The photo on top was taken about 10 years back, and at the time I thought that I needed a bit of oomph!
My hair was grey(-ing) and it needed a colour, and I was looking off!
(Or so I thought!)

Maybe, in 10 year's time, I will look differently at the bottom photo as well?
(Not happy with it at all, and trying my utmost to hide behind a camera. Most of the time!)

Fortunately the Young Lady does not have anything to complain about!
I hope not! 

You are beautiful, my daughter!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Pretville visit

The Pretville movie set is still up at Hartebeesportdam, and well worth a visit.
Pretville is an Afrikaans film musical that is set in the 1950's.

It was a rainy day yesterday, with lots of mud, but it did not deter anybody, and afterwards we heard that it is much better than going there than when it is too hot!

There are tons of photo opportunities for snap happy patrons.

Definitely a place to take a photo

The Diner which was jam-packed 

The detail in each of the little shops is amazing
(like this AlphaPharm Pharmacy) 

Waiting for the bus

I hear that they are going to break it down in about a month, which would be very sad.
It was like going back into the past...

Friday, 18 January 2013

A discussion about fear

This morning out of the blue I heard the small voice from the back of the car...( I thought she was still sleeping while we were driving to school.)

"I do not have to be afraid (she calls it "skrikkerig" in Afrikaans), because God looks after me!"

I don't know where this statement is coming from, but I confirmed that she has no need to be afraid.
She also said that when she was a baby, she was not as fearful than she is now.

I hope I could convey to her that it is not necessary to be afraid.
(What can I say more than she is safe with us and that there is no reason for her to be afraid?)

I have seen that she is apprehensive and reticent when meeting new people. Last night a friend of my daughter came to visit, and Mieka demanded to be picked up and held when the girl arrived.
She gets almost frantic until she gets picked up! (As if she is in some kind of danger...)

The other definite fearful trigger is of course not wanting to be left alone, and not wanting to sleep alone. She wakes up screaming when she finds herself alone in her bed. And she calls out to us!

I remember being very afraid when I was small, and the eldest also had trouble with the dark.

We try our utmost to go to her, and sleep with her, and we do not leave her on her own. I know how scary it can be lying on your own (I can still recall my own fear of the dark), feeling as if strapped down by the arms (ghosts) in the dark.

I hope we can help her to overcome it sooner rather than later.

It seems all of us go though this phase?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Third try at the dentist

We went for a third check-up at the dentist, after we found a dentist for the Toddler to go back to.

We had more than six months to prepare, and Mieka assured us that this time she would definitely sit in the chair.

But, she was not convinced at all when we got in the dentist office that she should sit, or open her mouth at all... Hiding behind my legs.

Again Chantelle assured us that it was normal behaviour, and that we can't expect them before they are five to actually have a successful dentist appointment.

Fingers in the mouth (feeling insecure)
She was more keen to sit in the chair after she watched the dentist work in her dad's mouth.

And she loved riding up and down in the chair.

Chantelle got a quick peek in her mouth, and said we could leave until next time! Her teeth does not seem to have any problems.

Luckily by now we are brushing mornings and nights, especially after a little girl told Mieka that her breath was smelly in the mornings... (That was before we brushed in the mornings because she was still sleeping when we put her in the car.)

Now I brush a sleepy girl's teeth, and she does not complain!

For now all are on track!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Crazy parenting advice

What is some of the craziest parenting advice you ever received?

(Question from “For my children, a mother’s journal of memories, wishes and wisdom” – compiled by Dionna Ford of  Code Name Mama)

The first four points are mine:

1. To stop breastfeeding before baby is able to talk. (Still breastfeeding at four years.)

2. To not spoil my baby by picking her up when she cries.

3. To start solids with rice cereal. (Which I did, regrettably!)

4. To not read any parenting magazines or information. So as not to be overwhelmed by all the information out there, and/or to get an inferior attitude with regards own parenting.

5. To not let your children sleep in your bed. (Added by Hubby!)

Did you receive any crazy advice?

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Monday, 14 January 2013

Back to the grind

The first day back at work, and the first day in a new class!

Hitting the ground running... Can't seem to shake the feeling of holiday! It has been great!

Our little one (which is not so little anymore) was a bit apprehensive this morning when we got to her new class. She knew where it was, and she was happily pulling her new Barbie trolley bag...

The teacher immediately recognised her and welcomed her in. Thanks to BBM communication the teacher even saw some holiday pics, and she commented on it.

Her cubicle for her bag was marked, and well as her place at the table. She has the sign of a heart this year.

But she held on tight when we had to leave, and we had to give her off in the arms of the teacher.

There was a tear (on my side - WHY? She's ok!), and my hand was shaking when I took the picture...

But here we go!
2013, we are flying off!

How is 2013 treating you so far?

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wordless Wednesday #161 - Oh crocodile

What my children should know about snakes

Snakes are not something we expect to come across a lot, but we had the opportunity while on holiday to attend two snake snows in two consecutive days!

(Are the universe trying to tell us something?)

Hubby is extremely afraid cautious with regards snakes! A childhood memory of an uncle chasing them around with a dead snake has come up...

But most of us feel a bit uneasy with a snake in the vicinity.

The snake shows were both times hosted by two very passionate people who have lots of respect for these creatures!

Jason, and Craig, operating here in Hazyview in Mpumalanga in South Africa, had the same messages.


These I would like my children to know, as I always try to teach respect for all living things!

  • Snakes are not aggressive, and only reacts when feeling threatened. They are not out to bite or strangle us to death. They would much rather stay out of our reach.
  • Stand dead still when encountering a snake. Most likely you would be able to avert any strike.
  • Snakes should not be killed on sight, but we should rather try to get someone who knows them to take them way.
  • They are responsible for keeping pests in check. They DO play a very necessary role!
  • It is not necessary to catch the snake which has bitten you. The symptoms will be enough evidence for the doctors.
  • When a snake has spat in your eyes, it can safely be washed out with water, with no ill effects afterwards.(No need for urine, milk or any other ill-advised remedies)
  • When encountering any snakes and reptiles in a cage, the following sign says it all: At Perry's Bridge Reptile Park
Perry's Bridge Reptile Park sign

Monday, 7 January 2013

Apps & More: The Best Tech Tools for Healthy New Year's Resolutions

A new year is a time of taking stock and trying anew to be the best you can be!

I realize that not all people want to make New Year's resolutions, and some say that it is pointless!

I find that it directs my thoughts and my actions and some of my goals I actually DO accomplish!

I don't sweat those I don't reach, and put it again on my new list. Or I take it off, when I feel that it does not serve me anymore!

Health and fitness are definitely staying on my list!


As we are way on holiday, a guest post is in order:

For a long time, people have been making New Year's resolutions about their health. Fortunately, a lot of people have recently been able to use technology to help them keep their resolutions. In fact, a concerned resolutionite can use technology to help keep track of any of their goals related to fitness or health. So, here are the five best tech tools to help you accomplish your New Year’s resolutions.

Wii Fit

Even though the Wii Fit is a video game console, it is a brilliant piece of fitness equipment. All over the world, people have started using the Wii Fit to get into shape. It's actually specifically designed for this goal, and when you start out with your Wii Fit, you can easily weigh yourself and check your BMI. Then, there are countless games built in to get started, such as tennis and bowling. Once you get the hang of it, you can buy from a selection of dozens of games that help you get in shape. You then can track your progress on a daily basis to see how you are doing. Basically, the Wii Fit is a great piece of technology for anyone wanting to work on their health and have fun.

Fitbit Smart Scale

So many people get caught up in losing weight, when in reality, they need to understand that body mass percentage is a more accurate indicator. The Fitbit Smart Scale is a powerful tool that measures the dieter’s body mass index and fat percentage. By knowing your body fat percentage, you will truly know how in or out of shape you are - your actual weight can be quite deceiving,

Basis Band

When making changes, it is important for an exerciser to monitor their progress. The Basis Band helps an exerciser monitor their progress by providing data on their heart rate, sleep patterns, and calories burnt. The idea is to wear the Basis Band 24/7, as the makers created the watch to be waterproof and lightweight. Anyone wanting to monitor their vitals should take a look at the Basis Band, as it can be a great tool.


Do you like to jog? It is important for all runners to measure their progress. Thanks to Runtastic, joggers now have an app that measures their calories burnt, how far and long they ran and more - at highly accurate levels. There are multiple versions available, including an app for both mountain biking and road biking, if that's more your style.

Spark Recipes

Anyone who wants to live well needs to plan their meals in advance. Spark Recipes lets users search and browse thousands of recipes. You can search based upon your available ingredients to come up with the perfect meal plan that's healthy, affordable and relatively easy to pursue.

Jenna Hayes writes about technology, self-help & health. Her most recent work helps readers find the best Masters in Health Administration Degrees in the US.


Thursday, 3 January 2013

The existential questions

Wondering about her place in the world, and why she is where she is...


The question that has been bothering our four year old:

"Why am I still small, while the rest of you are big already?"

"Ek weet nie wat Liewe Jesus se storie is nie?" - Translation: I don't know what Sweet Jesus's story is?


Two different conversations with her mom and dad on the same day: 

"I love you."

"I love Mom/Dad."

"I love my sister."

"But I wish I had a baby brother!"


(Sketch by Mieka yesterday: "Big smile")


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