Monday, 14 January 2013

Back to the grind

The first day back at work, and the first day in a new class!

Hitting the ground running... Can't seem to shake the feeling of holiday! It has been great!

Our little one (which is not so little anymore) was a bit apprehensive this morning when we got to her new class. She knew where it was, and she was happily pulling her new Barbie trolley bag...

The teacher immediately recognised her and welcomed her in. Thanks to BBM communication the teacher even saw some holiday pics, and she commented on it.

Her cubicle for her bag was marked, and well as her place at the table. She has the sign of a heart this year.

But she held on tight when we had to leave, and we had to give her off in the arms of the teacher.

There was a tear (on my side - WHY? She's ok!), and my hand was shaking when I took the picture...

But here we go!
2013, we are flying off!

How is 2013 treating you so far?


  1. At work things are crazy. Picking up the pieces after the festive season is always a daunting task in the Mission.

    On a personal level, being more organised and simplifying my life is giving me more time to do the things I all is good.

  2. All the best for a fabulous year


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