Little Tortoise (Skilpadjie)
Photo by Debbie Rogers
She was our  "Little tortoise"
This early photo of Little Missy shows why we called her that.

We (especially Dad D) thought she was and still is the most beautiful! :D

Photo: Patrick Pretorius

She has not been a Little Tortoise (Skilpadjie) since the very beginning, and we have now seen the Toddler phase pass well.
The baby is a Toddler, and the Toddler turned into a Preschooler from 4 years of age.
(Just a little bit of tantrum behaviour left, but not that much!)

She's Miss Fine now! A proper Tween.

I get sad when I look at how small she was and how quickly she has changed into this bright and opinionated and chatty girl!

But I love each phase with all the quirks and the cuteness!

She is still very much the centre of our universe!

Her Big Sister plays a big part in her life.
She misses her terribly when she's away, and she loves spending time with her when she comes to visit.

She is forever on the move, and we are still searching for the off switch at the end of the day.
If we do not follow a strict routine, we still have issues with not  sleeping problems... (Still in 2020!)

She is in Grade 6 this year! (It was Grade R just yesterday...(sic))

I wish I can have this for as long as possible!

You are growing and developing much too quickly!
But we love You, and we love this!

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