Monday, 12 September 2011

It is a Blue Monday

I do not want to get up!

I do not want to start the week again!

I wish I can pull the blankets over my head again!

I do not want to navigate through the traffic for more than an hour!

I do not want to drop the sleeping toddler off at day care! (see photo of Toddler in car this morning)

I do not want to go to work!

I do not want to sit in a studio when the sun is bright and warm outside! (Especially since we had such a great weekend with the family and being outside!)

I feel a little lot blue!

It is Blue Monday!

I’m sorry, but some days I can’t do bright and breezy and “Life is good!” 

Most of the times I can pep talk myself out of the Blues, and “count all of my blessings!”
(I do not have much to complain about...)

I also know what I have to do to get out of it. 
Lauren’s blog post today about Achieving happiness also helped!

It helped to just start the day/week, and as it was moving along, the Blues disappeared with the busyness...

Do you get the BLUES some days?

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  1. Today definitely. Not quite sure why, but I just feel down. And it doesn't help I had a late night last night.

  2. My blue days are actually very seldom on Mondays! But I do have them and they are sucky!

  3. So sorry that you are feeling blue. I can understand that you would much rather be with your toddler all day. Thinking of you.


  4. Hi Karen,
    I just started a blog on becoming a mother (again) over 40. On it I linked to your blog, if that's okay? Thanx!

  5. That's great, Anita. Going to check it out! :-)


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