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13 creative new ways to #KeepPlaying UNO


PLaying UNO
Keep playing UNO 

It's day million-and-whatever in lockdown in South Africa, and by now everything has gone stale. It  feels like we are in groundhog day, and we will never get out of this loop. Miss Fine says we complain to much, so that's my moan for the month! Mattel Playroom still keeps us entertained during these pandemic times, also with UNO and DOS card games. We love that there are so many ways to play UNO. 

Check it out...



UNO® has a secret!  At the beginning of the game, everyone is dealt a card face down. They can look at it, but it has to stay face-down THE WHOLE GAME, and then becomes the last card you are allowed to play to win the round.  Game play continues as usual until one player gets rid of ALL the cards in their hand.  They then yell “UNO” to indicate they are down to one card (the “Secret” card).   On their next turn, they have to be able to play their Secret card to win the round.  If their Secret card doesn’t match the discard pile (or isn’t a Wild card), they have to draw a card from the Draw pile and keep playing.  If they can play their Secret card, they WIN!


Get ready for some hand-slappin’ fun!  With this rule, you play UNO® like normal, except whenever someone plays the EXACT same card as the top of the discard pile (for example a Red 2 on Red 2), everyone races to slap the Discard pile. Once you slap it, keep your hand there and the last player to get their hand on the pile has to draw 2 cards!


No, you don’t need small appendages at the end of your arms for this rule, everybody just starts with three cards in their hand (instead of the usual seven).  The action will come fast and furious, so be ready to yell “UNO” when you’re down to one card!


When it comes to UNO, big hands mean big fun. Players start with 12 cards each and the rest of the game plays like regular UNO. Games may last longer but that’s where the big fun comes in!


The object in real Golf is to get the LOWEST score, and it’s the same in UNO® Golf.  After each round, whoever doesn’t win has cards left in their hand.  Count those cards and keep them in a running tally on a separate sheet of paper.  For example, Brian wins a round and Sally has three cards in left her hand so you mark three cards for Sally.  Do the same for all other players (except Brian, who won the round) and then start another round.  Keep playing, and when any player’s tally reaches 50 cards, look at everyone’s tally and whoever has the FEWEST amount of cards WINS!  


UNO® has a new way to play and Bingo is its name-o!  Simply print out the UNO® Bingo sheets from and distribute one to each player. As you play, if you can pull off an achievement such as “Play a Zero” or “Reverse a Reverse” and it matches a square on your sheet, mark it off!  If you’re the first player to get 5 in a line or all 4 corners, you WIN!


Get ready to pass the pain!  If someone plays a Draw 2 card on you, normally you would have to draw the two cards and that would be your turn.  But if you have a Draw 2 card in your hand, you can “stack” it on top of the one played on you and pass it to the next player. They now have to draw four cards because of the “stack.”   If they have a Draw 2 card, they can “stack” it, too – and the next player now has to draw six cards!  The stacking can continue until one player has no Draw 2 card to play and they have to draw the accumulated cards.  Oh, and you can “stack” Draw 4 cards as well – OUCH!


Right back atcha!  When someone play a Draw 2 card on you, if you have a Reverse card of the SAME COLOUR, you can play it and the penalty bounces back onto them!  Now they have to draw the penalty cards!


Skipping never felt so good.  If someone plays a Draw 2 on you and you have a Skip card of the SAME COLOUR in your hand, you can play it and “bounce” the penalty to the next player!  The next player must draw the two cards, unless they have a Skip card (of any colour) they can play, in which case they pass the penalty to the next player and so on until no one has a Skip card and must draw two cards. 


Just like the name says, when you play a Wild card and choose a colour, you may play a card of that colour card on top of it!  Normally you would have to wait until your next turn, but you can play this card IMMEDIATELY!


Normally when you don’t have a card in your hand to play, you take one card from the Draw Pile and that’s your turn.  But with this rule, you have to KEEP DRAWING until you draw a card that you can play.  Will it be one card?  Five cards? TEN cards?!  You’ll have to keep drawing to find out.


This version keeps the game moving lightning fast! The game plays as usual, but at any time, if a player has a card that EXACTLY matches the discard pile (Yellow 7 on a Yellow 7), they can play it IMMEDIATELY even if it’s not their turn.  This can go on until no one has a card to play, then play continues from the last person to play a card. 


Twins, triplets, quads—in this version, multiples dominate. The game plays as usual, but any time a player has multiple cards of the same value, they can be played together. Get rid of all your 8s at once; play 2 skips, 3 reverses. You get the idea, get the idea, get the idea…

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We did not realize there was so much to know about UNO. The game is great for family time during lockdown. Look out for a post about 13 different ways to play UNO #Gift #TradeExchange #UNOandDOSsa #LockDownSA Did you know? 18 interesting facts about the game UNO: 1. The game was invented in 1971 by Merle Robbins. 2. Uno was created to help solve an argument about Crazy Eights. 3. Merle invested $8,000 to make 5,000 first edition Uno games. 4. Merle Robbins sold the rights to Uno for more than $50,000. 5. Mattel announced in 2019 that Uno is now available in braille. (Not available in South Africa yet) 6. The game has its own unique deck of 108 cards. 7. Uno sales are still increasing year over year. 8. Uno is a great way to teach little kids about counting and color recognition. 9. Playing Uno can help children develop fine motor skills. 10. Modern Uno is available in various themes. 11. Uno is available on modern gaming consoles. 12. The Uno app makes it possible to download the game to your mobile phone. 13. Uno is designed for players of 3 years and up. 14. Playing Uno provides good-clean-fun socializing opportunities. 15. Uno teaches children about strategic thinking. 16. Playing Uno improves children’s basic mathematics skills. 17. Uno bridges the gap between young and old family members. 18. The game is highly portable and can be taken anywhere.

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Disclaimer: We got UNO and DOS card games as trade exchange.  

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