Thursday, 13 May 2021

Perfect word for 2021: Patience


I struggled to come up with a word for 2021. My word, grab, for 2020 did not really pan out that well. We were in survival mode, and our plans got shifted quite a bit...

This year is same-same, but this year we know what we are in for. 

I was told last week to have patience. (I need to work on my emotional EQ.) I could have gone on the defensive, but I realised this is exactly the perfect advice for me in these times. I need patience, I must practise patience and I need to show patience to the people around me.

This is the perfect word to embrace when things are stuck and not moving as fast as you want them to. I was saying too much: "This is not acceptable!" 

Patience, my dear, you will get there! 😁

Try it! 

It works! 

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