Monday, 30 June 2014

Two wheels' milestone and a report card

Little Missy was adamant the previous weekend that her dad must take off the extra two wheels on her bicycle. She is ready for the two wheels!

Her dad had to hold onto her for the first two days, but on day two she had mastered going forward on her own.

First time without the extra wheels!

Making new friends on her bike

Blurry, but there she goes!
Little Missy is five and a half now, and although I don't do the monthly updates any more (who's putting on the brakes now?), we are loving her energy at the moment.
(And getting tired by just watching her.)

She is forever doing cart wheels and hand stands and head stands. And getting better and better at it! She can spin a hula hoop for a very long time!

Little Missy got a very good report card from the school. The teacher is happy with her, and says that she is working hard when she is supposed to be working hard, and enjoy playing with all the children in her class. She can't think of any reason why she should not be able to continue to Grade One next year!

We are extremely relieved after we found Grade R to be a bit of a bummer in the beginning of this year! Little Missy loves her teacher and her class, and misses them when it's not school. With the midweek break she was counting the days to going back to school again.

We even had two mornings in the past month  where Little Missy announced at 6 am that she wanted to do a speech that day and I had to notify the teacher. It is something they are encouraged to do, but not enforced. She grabbed paper and pencils and was off in the car while vigorously sketching on a tray. (Hope it is not a peak into her future studying methods?) Apparently the teacher says it went very well! We can't get her to do the speeches for us as well...

And of course, her teacher knows best and e-v-e-r-y thing, and her commands are obeyed to the letter. If I smuggle in a little sweet in her lunch box (bad mother!), it gets voluntarily dumped in the dustbin! "No sweets in my lunch box, Mom!"

This is a very interesting age!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Seventy is a really good number!

My mom celebrated her seventieth birthday with us at The Drakensberg Sun. She always loves to be on holiday when it is time for her birthday, and this time it was no different!
After the midweek break of last week she and my dad continued with their holiday on the South Coast.

We are grateful to have her in our lives, and that she is still there for the two granddaughters to enjoy!
She helps out with the daughters, and she is always available to babysit Little Missy.

You do not appreciate your own mother more than when you have your own children and realise exactly what she must have done for us! She had four of us, and she was working as well when I went to high school.

Happy birthday, Mom!
We had a great lunch on her special day with a view to die for.

Central Drakensberg
Lunch in the winter sun
At Drakensberg Sun
(I want to come back here - there is at least five hiking trails)

Little Missy in the distance running to the play ground
Finches for company
The beggars got some!
Thanks, Mom, for all you do! 
We are lucky to be able to spend time with you!

And we love the holidays with you and Dad!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Mountain climber

Walking down to Bell Park Dam, and back up again. 

It went so well on the first day last week on our Midweek break, that we decided to try the walk from Monk's Cowl to the waterfall on the way to the Sphinx.  

The promise of play at the waterfall helped to keep us moving. The waterfall seemed to be just around the next corner, and the next corner...

We got there, and Little Missy walked there all on her own! (We are impressed!)
Icy cold water

We cannot get enough photos of these mountains.
We did climb Sterkhorn a few years ago!
Ice-cream for a mountain climber
She did tell me afterwards that she would only consider climbing at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens the next time...

This was a bit hard!

A midweek break in the Drakensberg

View from Cayley Lodge in the Central Drakensberg

We had a little breather last week, and I came back longing for this this beautiful view we had each day. When I grow up, I want a view like this each day of my life!

We had been to this place for a weekend in 2011, but because of the clouds I did not notice how near we were to one of our favourite hiking destinations at Monk's Cowl.

These are just some of my cellphone photos.
The views changed hour by hour...

Little Missy did two mountain hiking excursions with us. (I will do a separate post this week, because we are very impressed with her!)
She can do it on her own now, and she walked way ahead of us, especially ahead of her unfit mother!

A midweek holiday is only a breather, but it helped a lot to catch some breath for the rest of the year!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Father's Day

Father's Day cards..

And something for the cupboard

Thank you, Dad, for being here for your daughters, and for being such a great dad!

We love you!

Friday, 13 June 2014

What I would like to buy for Father's Day at the iStore #lovefromistoresa

I wish I could just walk into the any iStore and buy for all the fathers in my life some of these wonderful gifts.

I have a great father and father-in-law, and Hubby is the best father to our children.
I do not think we say thank you enough for what they have done for us and our children.

The gifting guide doesn't make it easy, but here goes my list: 

(For future reference: This can be a gifting guide for myself as well! (Not so subtle hint!))

1. A new iPad (more than the 16GB he has)

2. Any of the Knomo briefcases that they have in store.

3. The Fitbit Flex to keep track of his exercise routine.

4. An iHealth Blood pressure monitor.

5. The Apple TV.

6. A Tech 21 Protective Case.

7. An iTunes gift card.

8. An iStore Gift Card.

9. The Marshall Stanmore stereo speaker.

10. A MacBook Air.

Rattle and Mum compiled the complete list of Father's Day gifts that are available at the iStore. Head over there if you are still stumped for a Father's Day gift!

Disclaimer: I received two of these products from the iStore for Father's Day. 
Hubby will only know which two on Sunday. Thanks, iStore!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Artist Tracy Paul adds some whimsy at Macaroon

The online stationary boutique, Macaroon, launched a new series yesterday. They collaborated with Tracy Paul, well-known for her enchanting and whimsical sketches of African animals.

Tracy Paul for Macaroon - launch in Greenside
Macaroon note books and tags and cards, with Tracy Paul designs
Macaroon specialises in trademark invitations, journals, notepads, stationery sets, gift tag collections, classic bookplate stickers and vinyl products, which can all be personalized.

There is nothing as swoon-worthy as a stationary store, and you cannot walk out of this store without buying something for yourself, or as a gift to someone...

THIS is how I imagine Heaven to be!

Bloggers and journalists at the launch 
Tracy Paul thanking Macaroon for making one of her dreams come true!
Champagne, cake and strawberries

The giraffe with the beautiful quote by Roald Dahl:

"And above all
watch with glittering eyes
the whole world around you
because the greatest secrets
are always hidden
in the most unlikely places"
(I am going back for this!)
A box labelled "special delivery" with
"whimsical wishes" note cards
(For a present! Not for me!
Next time...)

Thanks Macaroon!

It is expensive! And you will buy something!

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