Monday, 7 June 2010

Day care woes and first report card

The working mother has a daily nightmare. Worrying about the day care and leaving your child in the care of somebody else is a daily niggle at the back of your mind. Especially if you leave a crying child, or a very sad face, in the hands of somebody else.

Even more so when you pick your baby up from school (last Thursday), and see that she has not had anything to drink for the whole day. When you taste the “milk” bottle, you find that they have mixed the milk powder with the fruit juice. (Horrors!)

I have spoken to the people before about giving Mieka all her bottles during the day, and it really bugs me when I see that she as only offered the one bottle during the day. Apparently it is also problem to not heat up the bottle in the microwave... (One of my pet peeves - I do not heat food or anything else for Mieka in the microwave.)

I wrote a long letter to the school again on Friday, to ensure that there is no misunderstanding. I do hope it is the last time I have to ask them. Next time: Powerwoman to the rescue! (Determined face!) I will take it to the head of the school, or else! (You know what! Mothers do not keep quiet when their children are involved.)

Mieka got her first report card back from the day care:
  • It states that she is a “pleasure in class.” (That’s our little girl! Big smile by Mom!)

  • “She is too young for certain activities.” (Is she in the right class?)

  • Also that she has adapted well! (Big smile again!)

  • She apparently also has a problem with putting stuff away – she has to be “encouraged”. (We are working on that! Wink smile!)
I like getting feedback in the form of report cards. It helps us to focus on the areas where there is still a developmental need. I will focus more on teaching Mieka about the identification of her body. She could only identify a few of her body parts. (Does she need to know all of them by now? She is 17 and a half months old.)


  1. I would have a serious word with her teacher/minder. Do they not have too many children to care for?

    And i think 17 months is far too young to know your body parts!

  2. Oh I would be so upset with the school!

  3. Very disturbing. Poor Mieka!

  4. Ah, yes. I remember the early days of my first son's days at the local daycare centre. It was very nerve-wracking!

    I've always found you have to keep on top of what they're doing, and not be afraid to speak up if something bothers you. Obviously, you're doing that - so that's great!

    At our daycare, I walked in to the toilets a couple of times to find no soap. Also, they used cakes of soap rather than liquid soap (the argument being that liquid soap was slippery and therefore unsafe - but I can imagine slipping on a cake of soap wouldn't be much better!). I raised it a few times, and now they have liquid soap (yay!).

    Don't ever be worried to say what you think. Take your concerns straight to the Director/owner of the daycare. You pay good money for your child to be there, and they have to care for her as well as what she would be cared for at home.

    Good luck! x

  5. Now I know I am not being neurotic!
    I hate complaining, but sometimes, especially with regards to your child, it is very necessary!

  6. Now I know I am not being neurotic!
    I hate complaining, but sometimes, especially with regards to your child, it is very necessary!

  7. I would not be very happy about the 'one bottle all day' thing and 'warm milk with juice!!' thing.

    Go, Mama Lion.

  8. I'm sorry but they can't let her drink that little during the day!!! I would have a fit. I hope that after they've read the letter, they will change that


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