Thursday, 10 June 2010

The secret lives of teens

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I asked my teen to write something about the live of a teenager. This is what she wrote. I copied and pasted it as is. (What a wise person she is! Says the proud mother! Big smile!)

As teenagers we see life in a very different perspective than adults. We start to ask questions as to why things are the way they are like for instance: Why aren’t my parents perfect? Where are their capes and underwear over their clothes? Why is the sky blue? Okay I think you got the picture. When I was in primary school I used to think that I was on some sort of a stage and everyone was watching me, what I was wearing(was there a stain on my shirt?), how my hair looked, but only last year I realised that no one gives a damn! (Ha-ha) I guess all teens especially girls believes that they are on a stage, Making themselves beautiful before a date and as dumb some of the guys are, they don’t even notice... (This is very disappointing) We as teens like to hide out in our rooms, no not because we are mad at our parents or anything, we just like relaxing without our parents hovering over us (no offence mom! I still love you!) and I usually like to contemplate about what happened that day. Sometimes I want to get mad at my parents and the choices they make, but when I put myself in their shoes I would do exactly the same thing. School is a very strange place to be indeed: In primary school everyone tried to be the same, in high school we have so many different ‘cliques’, it will make your spin, from jocks(cool kids) to nerds to emo’s (kids with emotional problems) to washouts(kids with no future) to normal teens like me. It amuses me how fast some kids want to grow up. In my history class, every Monday, the teens will swap stories of how much they drank that weekend and how rough the parties were. Last year I had a girl in my class telling kids how great sex she had with her boyfriend?? Don’t they realise that they still have their WHOLE lives are still ahead of them? And that they must enjoy their freedom while they still can?? I’m very grateful that my parents raised me correctly. Thank you Mom, Stepdad and (absent dad)! I hope you got a better idea of how the minds of teens work, because sometimes I don’t understand myself. Please tell your teen you love them, which are all we sometimes need!

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  1. Arnia, you rock! What a lot of awesome insight! You do your parents proud.

  2. Oh this is great. Thanks princess - you will make your parents proud. For me highschool was a very confusing place and I never really felt happy there. I am glad to report that once I got to Tukkies it was completely different. I was so happy there.

  3. I had the same experience. Hated high school! Loved university!
    Luckily my teen is enjoying her high school years! :D

  4. Wow...this is teen daughter and her secret life nearly knocked me flat this weekend;-D

  5. That is one smart, confident and amazing young woman ;)

  6. Great post. Nice to get some insight into their 'secret' lives - from one of them. Keep this coming Karen!

  7. Sound like she is thinking like most of us hope our kids will one day think when they are teens!

    Peer pressure is immense and in the US bullying is a huge problem at most schools. Many people just home school their kids.


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