Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Visit to uShaka Marine World in Durban

We took the toddler to uShaka Marine World in Durban on Friday. She had an absolute ball! We did not think that she would enjoy it as much, but she enjoyed everything.

At 18 months there is response and reaction to especially all animals! Now it is an absolute delight for us to show her how nature works. It is quite amazing at how they respond to all kinds of animals (or fishes)!

My teen can’t remember the places we took her to when she was small. Before the age of five years! We were joking and saying that maybe we are wasting our time, money and effort showing them the stuff! But of course it is not true. The more we expose them to nature and how it works, the more they will be interested in it and the more they will have empathy towards it. My thinking, but I am sure it is correct in saying this?

The dolphin show went down very well, and the toddler was clapping each time a dolphin jumped out of the water. When they played the World Cup song of Shakira Waka Waka with the dolphins, she was dancing and singing along, and we had to pull her back from the railing a couple of times.

She loved looking at the fishes and sharks and turtles in the big tanks!

uShaka Marine World is a great place to take the kids! A bit expensive, but well worth it! We enjoyed it just as much!


  1. Looks like a stunning family outing, maybe we will get to visit next time we in Durbs.

  2. Ohhh this just reminds me to put Durbs on the list for another visit!

    Dankie Karen, vir die gebede en warmte deur hierdie tyd.


  3. I agree with exposing them to as many new experiences as possible and they always learn most when animals are involved.


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