Thursday, 17 June 2010

First movie

We took our toddler to her first movie yesterday. She is nearly 18 months, and it went very well.

She did not understand the dark, and as soon as the lights were dimmed, she ducked for my breasts. She must have thought it is nap time. By the time the movie, Marmaduke, started to roll, she was fast asleep.

She woke up half way through. It seems as if she enjoyed watching the very large dog prancing around on the screen. She was pointing with her finger a couple of times, and for most of the time she sat on our laps, looking intently at the screen. We are very lucky! We CAN take her places!

Slowly but surely, we are getting our live/s back. Sure, we are going to watch more kiddie movies now for a couple of years, but we are able to see movies on the big screen again. Something which we really enjoy... Yay for little ones growing up!


  1. Ooooh, brave woman! We took Max to his first movie when he was around 2.5 years, and it went pretty OK. He didn't sleep, though: he munched on popcorn and had to go pee a lot ;)

  2. Oh so cute :) Can't wait til we have an attention span longer than a goldfish hehehe...

  3. We have not taken the girls to indoor movies yet, but we've taken them to dance recitals and other stage productions and musicals. They always love it and even if they get down and up from the chairs and never sit still waiting for the show to start; they are glued to their seats once it gets underway.

  4. Oh you are a brave brave woman.

  5. Shew, 18 months is quite young - yay that she slept through and enjoyed the rest when she woke up! And yay to getting your life back - it does have it's perks!


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