Thursday, 3 June 2010

Putting people on pedestals

I learnt a big lesson this past week. I am walking around with a bad aftertaste in my mouth. I need to cleanse myself with this blog post (thanks to the virtual blogosphere that's helping me to get rid of all the ill feelings!)

I loved listening to programmes by a certain controversial person here in South Africa. I religiously archived the programmes as well. I never met the person, but liked his out-of-the-box way of doing and saying things.

Last week he walked into my office. Not with a “hello, pleased to meet you, thanks for helping me...” But with bark, bark, bark: “I need the following things, and quick!” Not even a smile! I had to ask my colleagues to help me to complete the request the same afternoon. I did not even take my lunch break. And I had to put my normal work on the back-burner for the afternoon.

The programme went on air this week, and there was not even a thank you to the archive material that was supplied. It is also very old archive material that had to be recorded real-time from acetate record players. It implies as well that it is not an easy copy and paste process to make the sound available for re-use.

I was really let down in my opinion of this person. He is the most ill-mannered person I have encountered in a very long time! I am thinking of a lot of descriptive words to call him...

The lesson: Never put people on pedestals! It/they might come back to bite you...


  1. Not nice is it ... but eventually Karma get them. Stay safe

  2. Shew..thats not ungrateful of him! People forget how far a sincere thank you can go!

  3. Oh now I want to know who it is - although? 702?

  4. LOL No, not 702! I will rather not say...

  5. People we put on pedestals usually lets us down in the end...but what an awful way to find that out. There is no excuse for such bad manners.

  6. sorry you had such a bad person experience! What is your job though, sounds interesting?

  7. To know a person really you have to share the same table and bed! Think that is not even a person you want to share a table with.

    It can also be the opposite of judging a book by the cover and the person turn out to be great.

    Working with people you learn a lot.

  8. Eish - what a very sad lesson to learn. IT could have been so different. Imagine if he had lived up to your expectations and more. You would have been saying - what a nice person. I guess it makes me realise how careful we need to be - we never know if someone else holds us in high esteme - and we may dissappoint them!

  9. Tasneem: I am a sound archivist working with radio archives. It IS very interesting!

    Yvonne: You're right, it reminded me again to be mindful in my dealings with every-one I encounter!


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