Thursday 29 April 2021

Downtime Shift, by Robert Holding - Interesting AI concepts

Downtime Shift - Robert Holding cover on Kindle
Downtime Shift

Love this science fiction novel. Thanks, again, to Booktasters, for expanding my horizons and for great reading pleasures. My review is up on GoodReads. 

Downtime ShiftDowntime Shift by Robert Holding
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thank you, Booktasters and Robert Holding, for a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. Sorry that it took me so long to read, but it's not a reflection on the content.
I thoroughly loved reading this book, and has already started to read the next follow-up, Infinity Shift. (Thanks, Robert Holding, for sending it as well). It is good escapism in these uncertain times.
I got a glimpse into time travel, an omnipotent AI called EYE and different societies and the ways they live. "Earthers" and "Spacers", and a choice in the way of living. The EYE resetting society, and manipulating it, creating Fork Time... Shifties following their prime directive, or going against it. All interesting concepts that keeps you bound until the very last page.
I would have loved to learn more about the heroine, Evelyn. About her time before Downtime, and also her time with the Spacers. More character development are welcomed for Evelyn and Stan. I would also have loved to read more about Spacers and the societies in space.
For Science Fiction lovers, there are some interesting concepts to wrap you head around.
I give this book 5/5 for the interesting storyline and keeping me hooked until the last page. I want to read more!

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Tuesday 13 April 2021

Shallow Pig Cottage near Parys - great breakaway

Shallow Pig Cottage - exterior
Shallow Pig Cottage - Koedoesfontein

We haven't gone away for quite a while. We had the camping weekend last year at Sondela, but mostly we had been staying home. It's still a pandemic all around, and in South Africa we are not getting the vaccinations just yet.

I was going down the rabbit hole of places to stay on the Internet, and found Shallow Pig Cottage on Booking.Com. I have already made my next booking as well, as there are quite a few good deals and great places to stay. 

We love Shallow Pig Cottage. It is near Parys, but it is the most quaint cottage on a farm, with everything that you need to stay for days and days. Each morning hubby went and fetch our eggs from the nearby hens on the farm. We braaied and looked at the view for hours and hours. Miss Fine was also very happy with her wi-fi that was sufficient to keep her going. She even entertained herself with mud building, and searching for rocks. 

Shallow Pig Cottage - Koedoesfontein
Shallow Pig Cottage - farm 

We drove through and into Parys on Friday and Saturday. We went over Easter Weekend, which was not a good idea, because the place was too busy. Next time we will only spend time on the farm. We were so disappointed with Venterskroon Inn and the Dog & Fig Brewery. Both were not at all catered for the the guests, and we had to go even though we would have loved to stay. Luckily we found LiewerKoffi (based on a recommendation) when we arrived in Parys, and the next day we had a lovely lunch at Cherry On Top. 

Vredefort Dome Information Centre
Vredefort Dome Information Centre

We made the bumpy trip to the Vredefort Dome information centre. The previous time we were there, it was with the Voortrekkers at Venterskroon in the Vredefort Dome, and we wanted to show Miss Fine the significance of this place which is the largest verified crater on earth. 

The cottage was more than we could have hoped for. There was the cosiest beds, purified water on tap, wood to braai, and for the indoor fire-place in the cottage. The bathroom has a lovely view. There is a worker on the farm, but we never saw him, except when he went to open and close the chickens in the barn. We had the place all to ourselves.

Shallow Pig Cottage stay - girl playing
Miss Fine enjoying herself at Shallow Pig Cottage

Our host was extremely friendly, and made sure we had the best stay. Thanks, Warrin!

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