Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Turns out the meltdowns have an underlying base

Girl with her dog sitting next to her
Miss with dog
I feel so sad today. We have always struggled with the meltdowns, but we thought it would fizzle out! It's not so bad!

But after one particular blow-up about a muffin one morning, I phoned the school psychologist, and she has been seeing Miss at school.

We had our first feedback last night. She did the Rochard Psychology Test. What is underneath is much worse than we though. Obviously I am not going to share much about the details, as this is not my story.

But I am so sad that we have an anxious, highly stressed little girl who is constantly seeking for approval and recognition.

I don't know how much is genetics, and how much personality. (?) Maybe both.

My point here is that I am glad that we did ask for help. I actually told Miss a while ago that we can ask somebody to help her with coping skills. She was very eager and she is enjoying the sessions. Because they are doing art while they are talking. (Much up her alley!)

I hope we can help her to not see life as a struggle and to not be so frustrated all the time.

Because when you look at her, you won't know. There is nothing at home that should stress her. (We worry about the finances.) She is doing well at school, doing lots of activities and she has friends that care about her. My husband says maybe it is because she can't have all the things her friends have. I said I know for a fact that that is not the reason! She gets all the love and attention, and we will increase it for now!

So... She is doing therapy for Life Management Skills!


  1. The pressure they are under is so much more than I ever remember being under at that age. Shame man, I hope it helps. At least she's enjoying it. Good attitude is a great start.

    1. Thanks,Louisa. Yes, she wants to learn coping skills, which makes it easy.

  2. We also have meltdowns but I'm hoping the sensory OT will also help with it. Crumbs. I agree with Louisa about the pressure. Too much for these kids these days. I am glad you are doing something about it though. It's quite something to get to that point of asking for help though.

    1. Yes, I have been thinking for a while about it! It is difficult to ask for help, but once you’re there you know it is the best thing! The lady that is helping us is so good. She says she wants movement , and definite outcomes. We are already seeing improvement. It seems as soon as we put a name to the emotions, we get a grip on the behaviour.

  3. My eldest daughter had similar problems. One thing that helped when she was having a meltdown was to massage her feet, even if she was quite out of her mind I would just grab a foot and start rubbing, it was amazing how quickly she would calm down. I hope that things get easier

    1. Thanks, Sula. I used to also grab her feet when she was having a melt-down in the car. It did help. I must try again when we are at home. I must say that naming her emotions have already made a huge difference. We had a very peaceful weekend that's just passed. :-)


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