Friday, 2 March 2018

Sick and off to camp

9-year old girl selfie
What do you do when your kid wants to go to camp and she's sick? The responsible thing should probably be to keep her home?

But this kid is strong-willed. She cried buckets this morning! So we finished packing her bag, and took it to school. The reasoning behind is that she would be so upset that she won't be able to focus on writing the first science test in Grade 4 of the year. I promised to contact the teacher, and spoke to a parent who is going on the camp as well. Which I did, and they said they would keep an eye. We can also drive and go and pick her up. The camp is only 30 minutes away.

Feeling like a bad mom...

Mom guilt is a terrible thing!

Luckily the vote was in favour of our decision.
Vote to send her to camp or not on Instagram stories - 75% vote yes
Instagram Stories poll
Now to stop worrying the whole weekend...

Miss, you are aging us faster! (One day I will show this to you! Promise!

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