Monday, 29 July 2013

Signal back on after a weekend of camping

Arriving with sunset

We have been away on a camping trip this weekend.

There was no signal, and I am still busy catching up on all my timelines. 
Or trying to...

It was great to only have quiet and bush and the sound of water in the distance. (The Nile River are a few meters away from the camp site)

And there was the most beautiful ablution blocks I have ever seen at a campsite.
This gets a mention, because it is the first thing that all the camping enthusiasts mentioned to us!
(What is better than to stay in the bush, but to have the luxury of beautiful bathrooms and toilets!)

We camped as guests of friends, who are members of the Pretoria Safarigilde, a group camping each month at different campsites, and getting a huge discount for camping in large numbers.

Silver Rocks, a few kilometers past Bela Bela, are definitely worth it when you want to take a break from the bustle!

Tent overlooking the bush

It was cold in the evenings, and although I said it a couple of times that I must remember to take my fan heater, I did no do it! (*hitting forehead*)

Little Missy was sleeping between us, and we had a battle keeping the blankets on top of us! I am definitely buying her her own sleeping bag for the next camping trip.

What is camping without a fire?

Silver Rocks 

Little Missy had so much fun with her camping friend, and they played for hours and hours!

Camping friends

They wanted to swim, but could only put their feet into the water. It was freezing!


Of course, we wished the weekend could be stretched...

But we are back!

How was your weekend?

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Keep Calm and MOOC on

Keep Calm and MOOC ON Poster

I wanted to start studying again, but it did not pan out this year.

I still want to do that longitudinal study and complete my Masters that I had to give up when we had the little one! (I am still putting it out there, Universe!)

But in the meantime I have learnt about Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) which are free, and this is what has been keeping me busy for the past three weeks. I have one and a half weeks to go with this class.

The best part! The course is free!

I am doing the New Librarianship Master Class of the Syracuse University.

It has been keeping me very busy in the evenings...


It is more theory and more content than I had anticipated! (Help!)

But it is mind-blowing all at the same time!

I love it that it is possible to further one's own professional development at one's own pace, and that it is for free.

Now there is no more excuses!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tantrums at 4 and a half?

Yes, we are still seeing these!

The blown-ups, the blow-downs, the melt-downs, the floor-throwers, ...


What are we doing wrong?

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Sunday winter afternoon - at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens

I don't know why we haven't been going to the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens on a more regular basis.
It is one of those places where you go to when you feel you need to get a breather in nature.
When you are feeling stuck in suburbia...

This afternoon was a bit chilly, but it was lovely soaking in some sun.

We will be coming back!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Angels all around, especially for great grandmothers

We visited our 92-year old grandmother who broke her leg two and a half weeks back.

She was back at the old age home in eMalahleni (formerly known as Witbank).

She was sitting a bit skew and uncomfortable, but after we called the nurses, they came and pulled her upright.
My grandmother says that it is very sore and very uncomfortable.
She has a plate and pens in her leg, and hopefully it will help to heel the leg.
(We hope so!)

92 years are blessed indeed!
And we can still talk to her!
She tells us again and again about his she fell, and what she remembers about her hospital stay...
It was a very scary experience for an old lady, especially since she struggles to see and hear, and to understand English. (The language mostly used in the hospitals...)

A nurse putting on my grandmother's gloves, after they apparently phoned her daughter the previous day to bring her a pair. She was cold! My aunt had to rush with a new pair that same day.

The cleaning lady, Cecilia, came and asked my grandmother who she is. 
My grandmother replied: "My Mother!"

And that us the impression I got at the South African Women's Federation for the Weakened Elderly. 
They are all angels looking after the elderly people!

The businesses in town all contributed to the rooms, and brightened it up. (Also angels!)
The place is looking extremely cheerful!

My dad, her eldest son, with his mother and me.

With the fourth generation!

And then there are her two room companions, two ladies, whom are angels already...
The bodies are left behind... 
(I would not want to live this long, and not be here anymore!)

The lady in the middle is 97 years of age, the eldest in the old age home.
The lady on the right was pulling the whole time on her blanket, looking ready to get up and go!


Thanks to all the Angels looking after our mothers and grandmothers, and also looking after those only left behind in the flesh!
Also thanks to the children looking after their parents!
You are doing a great job!

What with the talk of 67 minutes for Madiba today...

You are doing a 24/7 job, each and every day!

Thanks for looking after my grandmother!

Monday, 15 July 2013

What's in my camera bag?

Empty camera bag

I lost my little Digital camera during our recent robbery, when we still thought we were safe in our complex. It was not even in an ordinary camera bag, but in a red pencil case. They still found it!
I saw Jenty taking part in a competition for a camera bag.
My new camera (which is going to be exactly the same as the one I lost) definitely needs a new bag!
I love the one shown over at Camera Couture. That is definitely a very fine camera bag to have!

This is what I will have in my camera bag:

- Camera
- Extra SD card
- "Instax Mini Instant Camera (1) by Fujifilm. They print credit card-sized photos on bold new Fuji film (3)"
- Camera battery charger
- Tripod
- Purse
- Tissues
- Hand sanitizer
- Hand cream
- Lip Ice
- Lipstick
- Pepper spray
- Pocket knife
- Pens
- Keys
- iPad
- Blackberry
- (My life)

This would all fit nicely in my camera bag! *Thumbs crossed!*

The competition is still open until the 31st of July!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

The things she says

Before I forget these...

The other day in the car:
I said I am still trying to wake up, because I said something nonsensical.
I said that I am not a morning person, but an evening person! I think that she, Little Missy, is also an evening person. She also struggles to wake up in the mornings.
Little Missy: "I am not an evening person, I am a party person!" (with a very disgusted tone!)

On the same drive:
She tells me that she does not always get to make a proper smile.
I look back in the rear view mirror, and she is busy pulling her mouth in a grimace!
I tell her that we can always try thinking of something good or funny...
Little Missy: "No, I can't make a smile the whole time!"

Last week when I went to fetch her at the pre-primary school, she told me to come and look at what they did in the sand pit.
They had dug up a whole corner of it.
Little Missy: "We were searching for Jesus!"

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Father Christmas lost his head

We went to check out the Bavarian Winter Christmas Festival at Silverstar Casino and Hotel on Saturday. It was on for the whole weekend.

One of the main reasons why we went, is because I saw advertised that there would be a Father Christmas. I know Little Missy would have loved to see him now in the middle of the year.

There was food... (And cheeses)
And lots of German beers...

And music....

And funny rides...

But we could not find the Christmas Father!

I went and asked when he was coming.
I was told that he had "lost his head" the previous evening!

I don't know what that means? 
Maybe too many German beers?

We were not that impressed with the whole festival. 
Something to do with lots of drunk people...

Maybe it is better at night when you can see the Christmas Lights?
And maybe it is better when Father Christmas is around? 
Before he lost his head?

Monday, 8 July 2013

Twenty years!

To my beautiful daughter who celebrated her birthday this weekend!

I love the fact that you have become such a beautiful young lady, and that your inner beauty is reflected in your looks and in your daily being.

You have a compassion for life and people, and seem to draw people to you!
You are who I hoped and dreamed you would be, and become!

You are teaching me to be so much more, especially with regards the way you are treating the people in your life.

My wishes for you (at this stage in your life):
 - Lots of friends
 - Lots of fun times
 - Lots of love
 - Good study times (and marks)!

Photos by Blush Studio
(A photoshoot win, which was done on Saturday)

Friday, 5 July 2013

Studio photos by Patrick Pretorius at Photostyle

Patrick send me a few photos of our photo-shoot of last Saturday, and I am extremely excited to see the rest...

We haven't done a photo- shoot in a while, and the first thing I did was to upload a new banner.

Our cheeks (mine and Hubby's) are even more round than the previous time, but it's the good life! (And Hubby's food!) ;-)

Thanks, Patrick, for the photos!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Coffee and cake while doing good - Bonus at the upcoming Grace Factory Social #GraceFactorySocial

The Grace Factory Social will be on the 13th of July at Jump 'n Play at the Northlands Corner Shopping Centre.
(Unfortunately only in Gauteng!)

There is an open invitation to all moms to bring their kids for a free entrance for the first 30 minutes at Jump 'n Play.

They are collecting used and new goods for orphanages and places of safety in Gauteng.

Check out their The Grace Factory website for all the drop-offs that they are happening.
It seems they are getting the right stuff to the right people.

There will be coffee and cupcakes and socialising!

And you will be doing a good deed by bringing a donation!

(While checking out a new venue for the kids...)

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Finally - fourth time lucky at the dentist!

We tried for a fourth time yesterday to get Little Missy in the dentist chair!
She promised that this time she would definitely sit and open her mouth. 
And she did!

She was at first reluctant. 
But after her big sister had her check-up and she could look over the dentist shoulder, it made all the difference...

The very capable dentist, Chantelle, did not mind at all that Little Missy was hanging over her arms and instruments. She, in fact, told her to come very close.
We have found our dentist for the Little One (and also the Big Ones)!

Little Missy had a check-up, her first teeth x-ray, and a teeth cleaning. 
All is well with her teeth for now! 

Thank goodness!

I made an Animoto for her fourth visit to the dentist:

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