Tuesday, 26 June 2018

World's Smallest Toys that actually works #PrimagamesFest

Girl with World's Smallest Magic 8 Ball in her hand
The World's Smallest Magic 8 Ball works
Prima Toys has some of the coolest, retro collectibles for anyone aged four years and over, whether child or adult. The World’s Smallest is a selection of toys that are miniature replicas of some of the world’s biggest and most classic toys.  Prima Toys has made available three of these to win on the blog.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Disney on Ice - Dream Big this year

Disney princesses and princes in final scene of Disney on Ice Dream Big
Disney on Ice at Ticketpro Dome
We were at the opening night of Disney on Ice at the Ticketpro Dome on Friday night. It was a great way to start the holidays. Families, young and old, big and small. All were there, and all had a great time.

The show is getting better and better each year. We are looking at highlights of Disney one after the other. All the Disney princesses and princes from the great stories are included, and although we thought we could not handle another Frozen, the whole Dome was singing with gusto "Let it Go" together on Friday night. Your kids will totally thank you for taking them.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Dog breaths in the house

Dogs with dentastix in mouth
Time for "tooth-brushing" with Dentastix
The dog dynamics in the family has changed considerably this past year. Some of us still miss our Benji Yorkie very much. But our Pavement Special takes it in her stride. She is very much spoilt, and has earned a spot next to our beds in the evening. She only jumps up early mornings when the alarm goes off, and we are trying to get in an extra 10 minutes.

The Eldest has gotten two dogs this year. They are both Pekingese breeds, and both come from situations that were not as favourable. My daughter is very much involved with Peke Rescue SA, and has helped them with their social media, as well as get some of the dogs a home. She has done her bit as well with adopting one. Sometimes they stay with us, and sometimes they are at my daughter's fiance's house. They were so much spoilt, because she took them everywhere, even to work, but now she has taken up a new job. Luckily the two keeps each other company during the day. Our Pavement Special are not as impressed with them, but she tolerates them when they visit.

We did not know much of the the Pekingese breed before this, but they are lovely and very intelligent dogs. They are also great with children, and as companions. They are very cute!

Dogs with Dentastix
Pavement Special and Peki's with Dentastix - check the eyes

We got the Pedigree Dentastix as a blog drop a while ago. The dogs sees it as a treat, but it helps with dental care. Apparently we should be brushing our dogs teeth also every day. (Cue "guilt") We are not doing it, but feeding them the Dentastix helped me feel a bit better. Their breaths are more palatable after chewing on it. Because smelly breaths give an indication of teeth health. (Cue "guilt" again)

Box with Pedigree Dentastix and wording "You brush, they chew"
You brush, they chomp (Pedigree Dentastix)

Do you brush your dog's teeth?

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Grade 4 exams done and dusted

Choir photo
Miss Fine in choir
The holidays can not come soon enough. The first exams are done and dusted. The schools are closing for three weeks in winter this coming Friday. The children are extremely tired after a very busy semester and exams.

I am so proud of Miss Fine. She handled this semester with far less anxiety than I did. My own advice - to myself ;-) - on how to survive exams for moms helped me in stepping back. I am reminded again that it is better parenting when you are there to help, but not to do everything for them.

Miss Fine devised her own study method of compiling her work in very small booklets. It was in conjunction with art work, but it worked for her. She said the teacher also did not complain when she saw her making the booklets. She understood it was for study purposes. :-)

The exam papers have been coming back for signatures, and it all looks good. I am so proud of you, Miss Fine. Not only did she do netball this semester, but she also took part in a choir musical which culminated in the final show this past weekend (see photo by Deb above). They have worked so hard for the show, and they enjoyed it so much!

Unfortunately we are still working, but we are looking forward to the upcoming wedding. Miss Fine is going to be the flower girl and I am going to be MOB - Mother of the Bride. We can't wait!

What are your plans for the school holidays?

Friday, 15 June 2018

M.O.B. - Mother Of the Bride

Purple and black Truworths dress hanging on wall
Wedding - MOB Dress-ready
The excitement is gaining momentum in the family. In less than two months we are going to have a WEDDING. I am going to be "Mother of the Bride". I am going to be MOB (He-He saw this on t-shirts, and quite like it). It is not a scary or a sad concept. I love it! I have a daughter, the Eldest,  who has found her Love, and she is happy. What more can I ask for? Nothing.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

J's Revive Spa - a Sanctuary in the City

We need a place to relax and rejuvenate. J's Revive Wellness Spa do just that!  I was fortunate enough to use my afternoon off last week to get a total spoil, with a facial, mani and pedi.

Pedicured feet with J's Revive Spa in background
J's Revive Spa - pedicure station
Spoiler alert! I had such a good experience and can only swoon about the luxury pamper I had. I was given the treatment in exchange for the review, but it was SOOOO good. I am already planning how I can fit it into my monthly schedule and budget. It's all about priorities, you all. ;-)

Monday, 11 June 2018

Upbeat Annie JR at Peoples Theatre - WIN family tickets

Red theatre curtain with Annie - Peoples Theatre
Annie Jr - Peoples Theatre
Annie JR opened last week at Peoples Theatre in Braamfontein. We are Peoples Theatre groupies by now. The Show always ticks all the boxes. Great entertainment. Great cast. Great script. Great fun. Great for the whole family, from ages 2 to 100. Annie JR did not disappoint. The ever-fresh 1924 comic character story of an optimistic upbeat Annie JR has been done so many times, but the story never disappoints. Annie is such a breath of fresh air in her circumstances; so much so that you the children are cheering her from the sidelines all the way. Singing "Tomorrow" with gusto at the end of the musical.
MomAgain40 family selfie at the theatre
At the Peoples Theatre on a Friday night - Perfect!!

Theatre veteran Jill Gerard says Annie is a firm favourite. "Annie stands for innate decency, courage and optimism in the face of hard times, pessimism and despair. Shje is an inspiration all of us."

Peoples Theatre has made available two family tickets (4 each) to be won here.
Annie JR poster with girl peering through Annie's face
Annie JR photo op

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

How to survive exams - 3 things for Moms

I  am writing this post to qualm my own anxiety about the first exams of Grade 4. Exams are tough on moms, and the whole family, as well. Trying to help your kid to learn, but also ensuring they get enough sleep and nutrients, and the lunch-boxes are sorted. Our kid also has to stay at school, because she does not have the luxury of being fetched after the morning exam time. The children are allowed to go home, and they can stay at home on the days they are not writing. Miss Fine has to stay at school until Dad can go and fetch her a bit earlier in the afternoons... Shame, man. (Now we have  parent-guilt as well. *sigh*)

Bag of necessities - Letibalm, Natura Tissue Salts and Tissues
The following list makes me stay on top of this stressful time, and I keep reminding myself of this.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Future Nation Schools spearheading the African education revolution

Exterior of Future Nation School Walls in Fleurhof
Future Nation School in Fleurhof

Future Nation Schools are an exciting new private venture in schooling in South Africa. Their preschools and primary schools are based in Lyndhurst and Fleurhof with another preschool in Randburg. These private schools use the project based learning method in their schools with their preschools being Montessori focused. I had the pleasure of visiting the Future Nation School in Fleurhof, and was inspired by the architectural outlay of the school premises, as well as the educational zest of the teachers.

Buildings of Future Nations Schools in Fleurhof, with signange in front
Future Nations Schools - Fleurhof
Education is the best way there is to change and take control of circumstances. Education changes a person's life, and through that person the world is changing. The access to knowledge is through the click of a button. Education is rapidly evolving to produce students who are not only skilled enough to deal with these changes, but are also more innovative and creative in coming up with solutions to our current challenges.

Future Nation Schools’ aim is to spearhead the African education revolution by providing a model that is both futuristic, technology enabled and epitomises excellence in Africa!

Friday, 1 June 2018

Second Season of ELENA OF AVALOR on Disney Channel - Giveaway

Elena of Avalor in The Jewel of Maru episode
Elena of Avalor - Disney Channel
A special DΓ­a de los Muertos-themed episode launched the second season of Disney Channels’ animated series “Elena of Avalor,” this week on DStv channel 303.

In the new episodes, Elena takes on more responsibility as a leader and delves deeper into the magical land of the jaquins. In the season two premiere episode titled “The Jewel of Maru,” Elena is visited by the ghosts of her parents on the Day of the Dead and meets another ghost named AmalΓ‘y who stands watch over the powerful Jewel of Maru.

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