Friday, 22 September 2017

Wishes for Benji

Benjamin last night

We had to let our Benjamin Yorkie boy go last night! Our furry dog has gone to a better place! That we believe!

My Benji Boy, we are missing you so much! Even your embarrassing accidents, and running out of the door at the speed of light...

But you were not healthy and we could see you were struggling. You must have been 15 going on 120 already. Your legs were buckling under you. The vet says you had no more blood pressure. You were not eating, although you still did not say no to a morsel from our plates. You stopped drinking water. Maybe your bad teeth caught up with you? We don't know, but we could see all was not well anymore. You were sleeping most of the time! You were a bundle of hair with skin and protruding bones and lots of growths.

My wishes for Benji

May you have all the snacks to keep you going forever!
May you finally get all the chocolates you always wanted!
May you run free across green fields going on forever!
May you meet up again with all your Yorkie family and your human families. (You had two families in this lifetime loving you!)
May you lounge on couches next to your loving family members forever!
May you pee on all the poles on your journey ahead!
May you have limitless walks in your Dog Heaven!
May you bark as much as you want, the whole day long!
May you have a massage every day!
May you have a Dandy Dogs doggy parlour on standby forever to keep the fur trimmed and glowing.
May you be loved!

We love and miss you!


  1. I am so sorry Karen. Dogs have a special place in our hearts and it must have been hard to say goodbye.

  2. So sorry for your huge loss! Our furbabies are so deep in our hearts and so so loved

  3. I hate it when dogs die even if I didn't even know the dog 😭😭😭😭😭😭😪😪😥😢


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