Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Meh... It's Spring again! Things that are going to change...

Spring is in the streets 
The title is one about dichotomy! Yay! It's Spring!
Meh... It's Spring again and nothing has changed!

As excited as one can be about Spring! It is time for regeneration and spring-cleaning! I love Spring AND Summer! It also seems that we have jumped straight into summer as the temperatures are high already!

We can't complain!


This year has been tough! Watching the news, with tornadoes, fires, corruption, inhumanity and selfishness which makes headlines every day, it makes it difficult!  (That's why I try to avoid watching too much, but it's inevitable seeing the bad news and suffering.) We have also been struggling, and I know I should count my blessings, but it is very difficult when you are in survival mode! I know we are not the only ones struggling, because it is part of our conversations on a daily basis! (Maybe I should talk to other people?)

2017, What are you doing to us?

Things that should start changing in Spring 2017! 

- An increase in salary would be nice.
- A new work challenge would be nice.
- The budgets should become less tight.
- Less people should die and become sick around us. Luckily, we are healthy!
- 2017, you can put on the brakes! The year should not go by as quickly as it should. 2016 was done and dusted just yesterday!
- A much-needed holiday is coming up!

Yes, we've got nothing to complain about! I know! This is my last gripe with 2017!
I throwing all the affirmations out there! It's going to happen!

How has 2017 treated you so far?

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