Wednesday, 28 March 2018

A Personal Fitness Tracker bfit Move2 - Review

Personal fitness tracker bfit Move 2 with heart rate monitor flashing
bfit Move 2
There are so many personal fitness trackers on the market. I used to love my Fitbit Zip, but it got lost, and it did not measure all the activities wanted. My phone made up for most, but it's not the same, and I don't want to carry it everywhere. I also don't have the budget to buy the expensive trackers.

My daughter won the bfit Move 2 personal tracker in a competition, and I bought myself one while it was still on special. The trackers do not cost an arm and a leg. I got mine for 400 ZAR, which is totally doable.

I have had the tracker for two months now, and it does everything I want a tracker to do.

Friday, 23 March 2018

10 Ways Monopoly teaches Life Skills

We have always struggled with board games. Little Miss was not a good game player, and melt-downs used to be her go-to reaction when the game did not go in her favour. We understand it better now while she is busy learning life skills.

There are more than enough articles about the the positive impact of board games, and we will definitely incorporate it more in our lives.We've got two Monopoly sets, a Scrabble and a Rummikub at home. We gifted Miss the Rummikub in December, but we've only tried playing it once. Because, melt-downs...

Monday, 19 March 2018

Festival of India at Montecasino - Great for families >Giveaway

Samoosas at Festival of India
 #FestivalofIndia - punjabi samoosas
This week has a public holiday coming up on Wednesday. The place to go is to the authentic Indian market at the Festival of India, open at Montecasino until 25 March.  This is a one-of-a-kind shopping experience with authentic Indian lifestyle, fashion, culture and cuisine. The performers and traditional foods, to authentic Indian clothing and genuine homeware, are one of the most vibrant festival offers that have something for the whole family.

The opening ceremony was on Saturday, and even rainy weather couldn't damp the colourful spirit. The festivities are inside a marquee tent which makes it perfect for any kind of weather.

There are two double tickets up for grabs. See below.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Turns out the meltdowns have an underlying base

Girl with her dog sitting next to her
Miss with dog
I feel so sad today. We have always struggled with the meltdowns, but we thought it would fizzle out! It's not so bad!

But after one particular blow-up about a muffin one morning, I phoned the school psychologist, and she has been seeing Miss at school.

We had our first feedback last night. She did the Rochard Psychology Test. What is underneath is much worse than we though. Obviously I am not going to share much about the details, as this is not my story.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

This is 51

Instagram filter - Karen with martini and sunset reflection in sunglasses
What I wanted!
At the age of 51 we can poke fun at ourselves. I am constantly amazed at the number, because I don't feel it at all! I am supposed to be wise and have all the answers... Most of the times I think I do have all the answers! But I know for a fact that the more I think I do know all the answers, is that I don't! Life shows it to me in so many ways! Ha! Life! You are so funny!

Most of the times I ignore my own wisdom in any case. For example: Who wants to drink water, when you can drink wine? Or: Who wants to hike at Kloofendal, when you can stay in pajamas until 10 on a Saturday? Me, of course! Life is short! Ha!

I wanted to be in Mauritius last year on my 50th birthday, and this year we are doing the wedding! The engagement has come and now it is the preparations. It is also exciting, and we are looking forward to it.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Jodene Shaer Tips for Instagram success in 2018

Exterior photo of Emoyani Estate with big bay window in foreground
MamaMagic Awards at Emoyeni Estate
Jodene Shaer gave interesting tips about social media at the recent MamaMagic New product Awards recently. The post on Facebook tips on how to increase engagement is already live on the blog.The social media sphere is changing constantly, and we have to keep up with constant changing algorithms.

Instagram has BOOMED, and social media influencers and brands cannot ignore this powerful platform. Here's some tips by Jodene Shaer. (I am copying from my cryptic notes)


MamaMagic notepad with Instagram tips, with coffee and Stabilo pens
Instagram tips by Jodene Shaer
1. Use visually strong images.

2. Don't brand the images too heavily. The authenticity of the image is the most important.

3. Always include the event and brand hashtag in Instagram posts.

4. Use at least 15 hashtags in a post. Also use the hashtags with less than 1 million images related to it. Instagram does not give visibility to the higher related hashtags. The smaller rations get better reach.

5. Don't copy and paste your hashtags. It is seen as spam.

6. Tag relevant brands and people in the image.

7. Create Instastories. Use the location tag and the hashtag on the story to increase reach.

8. Follow back to create community.

9. Respond to comments. This is most important. Instagram is all about engagement.

 Thanks, Jodene!

What tips have you picked up about Instagram that we should know for future success?

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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Make it Magical - Maddy Magoo Fourways Fairy Building Workshop *WIN*

Purple Fairy House with words Make it Magical
Fairy House built at Maddy Magoo Fourways #MakeItMagical
Kids Emporium in conjunction with Maddy Magoo has come up with a brilliant concept. A Fairy Building Workshop. This works great for a children's party and any other excuse for doing something with your child. Think Dad and daughter dates, as well as with besties or your mates. Yes, even the guys would love this! ;-)

Poster - Make it Magical Fairy Building Workshop
Fairy House Building Workshop at Maddy Magoo Fourways poster

Maddy Magoo Fourways is hosting the first three workshops at their branch at The Gantry, and the cost of a workshop is R295 per guest.

  • You can win one of these workshops, as well as a Free Haircut.
  • There's a second prize as well: A free haircut at Maddy Magoo Fourways. 

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Gadgets that make life easier - look no further than the MamaMagic Products Awards 2017

Banner of all the winners of MamaMagic New Products winners
Congratulations to all the MamaMagic New products Awards winners
The MamaMagic New Products Awards are a great way to find those gadgets that makes life easier, for parents and for children! The Awards ceremony was the previous week. I get jealous excited when I see all the nice gadgets that parents get to use nowadays! We don't NEED it, but it makes life so MUCH EASIER! Luckily we have a cousin and they have just announced that they are going to be parents. The 2017 award winners are definitely some ESSENTIALS they would NEED to buy!

MamaMagic trophies
MamaMagic New Products Awards
Here's the gadgets to put on the list of parenting gadgets that make life easier.

Monday, 5 March 2018

When you make a pitstop, but you want to linger...

Bru'House and Diner front deck with live band playing
Bru'House and Diner
We went to fetch Miss who was away on a camp this weekend. The camp was not that far, and it is welcome road trip out of the city. We were worried about her being sick, but she was fine when we fetched her. She did not get sicker and she listened to her mom who told her not to swim. Phew!

Fetching Miss at camp

Friday, 2 March 2018

Sick and off to camp

9-year old girl selfie
What do you do when your kid wants to go to camp and she's sick? The responsible thing should probably be to keep her home?

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