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10 Ways Monopoly teaches Life Skills

We have always struggled with board games. Little Miss was not a good game player, and melt-downs used to be her go-to reaction when the game did not go in her favour. We understand it better now while she is busy learning life skills.

There are more than enough articles about the the positive impact of board games, and we will definitely incorporate it more in our lives.We've got two Monopoly sets, a Scrabble and a Rummikub at home. We gifted Miss the Rummikub in December, but we've only tried playing it once. Because, melt-downs...

The following link to 12 Board Games for Developing Thinking Abilities and Life Skills was the most recent article that inspires this post. We played Monopoly on the public holiday this week. Miss could not wait to play, and we had a good game experience. The fact that she is able to recognize and name her frustrations (and a few warnings from the parentals), have helped a great deal already! *Shew!*

10 ways Monopoly teaches life skills

Cover of Monopoly Token Madness, with fingers showing to title
Monopoly Token Madness


(The thirst 3 points from the article mentioned above)

 1. “To ‘win’ in life, you need to think like a game player. Establish your goals and, before making any decision, ask the following question: Will it bring me closer to my goals, or will it cause me to veer off course?”

 2.  “Monopoly teaches the necessity to invest in order to grow your savings. And also to wisely spread your investments (diversification) in the event one choice does not turn out as you anticipated.”

3. “You must keep enough cash handy to pay for typical setbacks in the game, and in life.”

4. You learn patience with Monopoly. It can take hours/days to play.

5. You have to play according to the rules. When you want to change the rules, you have to get buy-in from the other players.

6. Melt-downs can halt the game. (If you really want to keep playing, you have to keep your cool. ;-))

7. You cannot always be in charge or in control of how the game goes. This is a very good life lesson!

8.  You learn how to win or loose graciously. There are comebacks when you don't! :-)

9. Taking turns and giving each player enough time to do their transactions is a very important life lesson.

10. You learn responsibility and honesty by being in charge of the Bank while playing.

What other life skills do Monopoly teach?
What games do you like to play with the kids?

Disclaimer: The Monopoly Token Madness game shown above was delivered as a blog drop on World Monopoly Day on 19 March 2018. Thanks, Hasbro!
The blogger was not asked or paid to write this article.


  1. We like board games and Nicky does too. However I do have the problem that he doesn't like to lose. We also have meltdowns. But we played Ludo this week and then we took turns starting and then I warned him he must not get upset if I win. And he took it in his stride thank goodness! Regarding Monopoly it is such a long game. I left it on the table then he just decided to take all the money and put the houses everywhere! So I think we will try again another day...

    1. Monopoly is more for older players, but I think it is a great game for families to sit around the table. I would call it quality family time.

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