Friday, 9 March 2018

Jodene Shaer Tips for Instagram success in 2018

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MamaMagic Awards at Emoyeni Estate
Jodene Shaer gave interesting tips about social media at the recent MamaMagic New product Awards recently. The post on Facebook tips on how to increase engagement is already live on the blog.The social media sphere is changing constantly, and we have to keep up with constant changing algorithms.

Instagram has BOOMED, and social media influencers and brands cannot ignore this powerful platform. Here's some tips by Jodene Shaer. (I am copying from my cryptic notes)


MamaMagic notepad with Instagram tips, with coffee and Stabilo pens
Instagram tips by Jodene Shaer
1. Use visually strong images.

2. Don't brand the images too heavily. The authenticity of the image is the most important.

3. Always include the event and brand hashtag in Instagram posts.

4. Use at least 15 hashtags in a post. Also use the hashtags with less than 1 million images related to it. Instagram does not give visibility to the higher related hashtags. The smaller rations get better reach.

5. Don't copy and paste your hashtags. It is seen as spam.

6. Tag relevant brands and people in the image.

7. Create Instastories. Use the location tag and the hashtag on the story to increase reach.

8. Follow back to create community.

9. Respond to comments. This is most important. Instagram is all about engagement.

 Thanks, Jodene!

What tips have you picked up about Instagram that we should know for future success?

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  1. I think I want to work on posting stunning images, I think that is also important. I have never tried Instastories! I must say I do struggle to come up with all the hashtags but I know I should try.


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