Friday, 4 November 2011

Nearly taken out by a bus

I turned left into a road on Wednesday, and was confronted by a Metro bus coming straight at me in my lane...

The bus was trying to take out a taxi which was in the other lane, and it gave no inclination of going back into its own lane! I had to reverse back into the street from where I turned!

It happened extremely fast, and I did not even had time to look back if there was a car behind me.
I started to reverse knowing that it would be better for me to do that, than being hit by the oncoming bus!

It was a harrowing experience!

In a matter of split seconds my life could have changed, or it could have been the end!

Afterwards I sat there, my knees shaking!

Our existence here are very fragile...

Thank you for another day!

(Picture: Microsoft clip art: Bus)


  1. Glad you are okay. Bus Drivers and Taxis seem to think they own the road and it can be very frightening when we are the ones in the way. Good quick thinking in reversing:)

  2. How scary :( So glad you where able to get out of it ok!

  3. Jeezlaaik. Glad you're ok.
    Shows you how fast things can go very wrong.
    Have a good weekend!

  4. Sjoe, so bly jy het so vinnig gedink.


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