Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Safe toddler play

When your toddler is nearing the age of three, you would think that we have "safe" covered by now.

Luckily we have a toddler who does not "disappear", or explore that much on her own.
She makes sure that she stays in our vicinity.
I try to think of it as a "bonus", especially after reading 10 Commandments for Safe Toddler Play.

There are still issues we need to be aware of...

One of the points covers the issue of  hinged toy box lids.
We have two of those in our living area to get rid of some of the toy clutter.
(It has fallen on the toddler's head already.)
We thought it was a good idea...

What do you do with toys in the living room spaces?

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  1. I have them in a totally separate area in the living room . Gosh and our L is a little Forest Gump - he runs. It is rather scary.


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