Thursday, 3 November 2011

5 Tips on how to enjoy a childen's party

I do not have a particular fondness going to children's parties, especially those of children (and parents) that I do not know.

It measures just a little bit lower that my pet hate of going to stork parties.

But my little one of three is starting to get invites from day care, and she is starting to understand what a party means. It means that I can't ignore the invites anymore...

Instead of thinking of a survival list,  I thought I would  approach it in a positive manner, and try to get enjoyment out of it as much as possible.
There is a couple of years of parties ahead of us!
I said yes to our first party on Saturday.

5 Tips on how to enjoy a children's party:

1.  Enjoy the fact that your child are enjoying it.

2.  Food. Coffee. (Enough said!)
     Wine.  (Big bonus)

3. See it as an opportunity to check out new party venues. It is very enjoyable to go to places where you don't have to fork out the money.

4. See it as a an opportunity to meet new people. Especially people with children your child's age.

5. Even if you don't connect socially with any of the people there, it can still be an opportunity for  you and Hubby to have a coffee/talk with each other while the little one is occupied with the rest!

Looking forward to our first party already!

Any other suggestions for enjoying a children's party?


  1. WE very seldom go to a party together - rather one goes and the other has some time off.

  2. We our amount of grandchildren we often end up at kiddie parties and I end up taking loads of photos, and that is how I amuse myself.


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