Friday, 25 November 2011

Thursday photos - clouds & ice-cream

Johannesburg traffic on Beyers Naude
I had a bit of a traffic fail yesterday when I decided on a whim to drive another route to work...
There is a reason why we take the suburb routes to work in the mornings. The rest of the roads are a no-go! A murdering-no-go-not-moving-hell!

I had to turn back and go my usual route.
(I will not do it again!)

I love the clouds, especially now with the heavy downpours we have. See also the photos taken yesterday afternoon of the clouds from the University of Johannesburg.
Johannesburg city in the background
University of Johannesburg - Auckland Park campus
Another photo taken from the bridge from UJ over Kingsway
As I spend most of my working days indoors (without a view on the world), I love it when I have an opportunity to be outside.
 Although we are in the city, we can still enjoy a bit of Mother Nature, can't we?

Clouds are one of my favourite things to look at!
What do you love looking at in nature?


And we had a perfect ending to the day.
Totally unrelated, but also totally worth it!
Ice-cream at Milky Lane

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