Sunday, 20 November 2011

The best present ever from Father Christmas

We thought that this year would be different. She is nearly 3 and the promise of a Father Christmas with presents made her very excited before the time...

But when the Toddler's name was called, she refused and screamed again! (I did not even get a photo with her near Father Christmas, because she was clinging to me and pulling me in the other direction!)

Shame, even Father Christmas asked me if it's the beard...

Maybe next year?

But she loves her present from Father Christmas. It is the perfect gift for a little princess!
The Toddler has been walking around all weekend with the dress-up shoes and her tiara.
With the the friends waiting for Father Christmas

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  1. Moments like these make me want to run for the hills....
    Mine cried all the way through "Happy Birthday" at his 3rd birthday party.

    ( and I immediately felt like it's MY fault although of course it wasn't. paranoia. )

    We have the christmas party coming up on the 2nd of December. HIS FATHER WILL GO WITH HIM.

  2. LOL! They are all afraid of the beardy man. She looks like a little princess.

  3. Ah yes, with the year before last's disaster we are not even attempting going near the bearded one. Cute presents.


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