Thursday, 17 November 2011

McD's and us

I have a confession to make. We do McD’s, and we like it!

We have a history with McD’s, even from the days when they were still called McDonald’s. 

My eldest daughter and I had a weekly appointment with McD’s after we started a new life on our own.  She was six and one of her favourite play places where McD’s. I was busy studying and could take my text book with to read while she was playing. It was a perfect arrangement. 

We had a standard order. A Happy Meal and a junior burger and fries for me. We shared the drink. It was a measly R28 (the worth of about $4) each week.  And of course the McDonald’s toy which came with each order...

It started with a Thursday or Friday end-of-the-week-not-in-the-mood-to-make-dinner, and sometimes we had a McD’s day on a Monday already... 

We have a box full of McD’s toys collected over the years. There is some great stuff, like the Buzz Light Year which the Toddler loves playing with! The nephews love playing with that box, and we have a secret joke between us to see how long they take before they ask for the box when they arrive... (Their standard opening line involves the McD’s box!)


Hubby does not share our enthusiasm about McD’s, but we sometimes convince him that it is a perfect night for it. Especially when the budget is running on empty and inspiration for dinner is lacking...

We have a nearby McCafe which does not have a play area, and while the Toddler does not complain, we prefer to go there. The play places needs a constant watchful eye, and the older kids can be quite rough... I don’t know how long we will still be able to get away with it, because the Toddler enquired tonight about a play area...
Love the chairs. This is our favourite spot in our local McCafe

I love the cappuccinos at the new McCafe’s, and we still order our Happy Meals.  The Toddler prefers the chicken nuggets. 
They've got WiFi

On the scale of healthy it can’t be too high on up, but once in a while it can’t be that bad?

Please tell me I am not the only one subjecting my family to McD’s? 

Or the only one actually enjoying going there and eating the food?

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  1. My poor kids are McD derived - possibly 4 or 5 times a year only. But they beg for it!


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