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Baxter is hungry, by Emily Haupt - delightful children's book which gets a 5!


Baxter is Hungry - Emily Haupt
Baxter is hungry, by Emily Haupt 

We received this lovely book, Baxter is hungry, through the post. I had to pay import tax, but it was sent in exchange for an honest review. It is totally worth it, as I just know that my grandchild will love the cat Baxter through his wild antics, the colourful illustrations, and his hangry disposition. Thank you, Emily! It is available on Amazon. 

Baxter is HungryBaxter is Hungry by Emily Haupt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As a grandmother I am again looking at all the wonderful children's books that we can read to the little one. I think that giving them the gift of books and reading, is the biggest gift we can give a child.

Emily Haupt sent me her book, Baxter is Hungry, for an honest review. It seems that Baxter is a story based on their own cat, an Omani Mau (Mau means street cat in Arabic).

We as family know "hangry", and can so much relate to Baxter, who is always hungry. The book is an absolute joy, and can't wait to read it, again and again, to my granddaughter. Of course, the book would not have had the same impact if not for the illustrations. It is absolutely gorgeous. Hugo L Cuellar makes Baxter come alive. He is also responsible for the cover of the coloring book, Baxter is Dreaming.

It is extremely important to have pets in the house, and to learn our kids about looking properly after them. This book teaches also about the antics and peculiarities of cats. It is good to know what our pets are all about.

Well done for capturing Baxter so well, Emily Haupt, as well as Hugo L. Cuellar. I could frame each and every page of this book.

This is a joy for your child's bookshelf!

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