Monday, 21 January 2019

JIMF 2019 kicked off with a Viennese New Year Concert

Programme of JIMF 2019 with Linder Auditorium in background
Johannesburg International Mozart Festival 2019 programme
The Johannesburg International Mozart Festival kicked off this past weekend with Viennese New Year at the Linder Auditorium. The programme runs until 3 February, and seeing the booked-out shows already, it is better to book earlier this year. 

The Viennese New Year Concert has become a fixture on the Joburg Cultural Calendar in recent years. It is a feel-good programme celebrating the arrival of the New Year, and setting us up for a season of brilliant concerts.

In keeping with the theme of Ein Musikalischer Spass, this programme covers all manner of Jo(c)key subject matter, and explores what happens when composers have Fun(iculi) with their music.