The lunch-box conundrum - We have not find the perfect solution yet

Lunch box with pizza, maize snack, banana and chocolate
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The lunch-box trauma on parents. It IS trauma, Miss Fine! I am noting it here, again, for future reference. To spend so much time buying, planning and putting the daily lunch-box together... And to get it back the evening, uneaten... Yesterday she suspected there was some onions with her chicken mayonnaise, and she left it uneaten. There was no onions.*sigh*

I don't have the perfect lunch-box suggestions. I know my lunch-boxes are not that healthy. We are just glad when it gets eaten. I am so glad when I get suggestions as to what to put in it. Most recent we could add Yo-Jelly to the lunch-box. We also got Dr. Oetker pizza slices a while ago as a blog drop. I love the idea, but Miss Fine doesn't like it when it is cold. Sometimes she eats it, and sometimes not.