Tuesday 2 May 2017

13 years - That's seven bags of salt!

The 1st of May was our 13 years of marriage yesterday! Every year we love the fact that our day is on a public holiday! We have an in-built Break, a long anniversary weekend,  every year to celebrate our anniversary!

There is an Afrikaans idiom "Om sewe sakke sout saam op te eet" (Translated: "To eat seven bags of salt together"). The idiom started as eating one bag of salt together (experiences and difficulties shared together), which changed to seven bags! I would love to know how it changed, but most probably because of certain songs that influenced the colloquially. (?)

It feels like seven bags of salt, but luckily we have each other! It's great to have a Partner, a Friend, a BFF, a Husband, you name it... All doing this together!

I am lucky to have found him!

Thanks for 13 years, Hubs! It has gone by in a flash!
I am looking forward to many more!

Photo by The Eldest!


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