Tuesday, 23 May 2017

I have recommended the karri app to my child's school!

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Little Miss is always in search of cash for something at school. And then our purses are empty. We did not draw money after she has raided our purses the previous day... The struggle is REAL!

That's why the karri app sounds like such a great idea. Parents can recommend it to the child's school! You don't have to be banking at Nedbank. The karri app works with MasterCard or Visa cards.

As someone who hates walking around with cash, I love the idea of being able to pay with a touch of a button, and even better when the app reminds me because it is linked to the schools calendar.  It frees parents AND teachers as they don't have the schlepp of admin work.

The video explains what happens in every household! Karri Schools payment explainer

I have filled in the form recommending karri to my daughters' school.
The form is available on the page: Recommend  karri to you child's school

I have not been paid to write this!
The karri app is free to download on the App store and Google Play.
I want this!

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