Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Entertainer app takes us to new experiences

The Entertainer app was part of the goody bag of a previous meetup of Jozi Bloggers. It was such a hit in our home, that I bought myself the app again for this year! It is R495 for a whole year, and we have already surpassed that amount through savings.

The Entertainer works on 2 for 1 deals. We have mostly used the Food & Drink option, but there are Beauty & Fitness, Attractions & Leisure, Retail & Services as well as Hotels worldwide to choose from. (Kicking myself now for not using it more! I could have!)


On Saturday Hubby and I got an unexpected free morning when Little Miss was elsewhere entertained. We switched on The Entertainer app which works on location and we found a quaint breakfast spot in Linden at A la Bouffe! The owner was as gracious to let us use the app for breakfast, as it states "Main Meal". (As we had used similarly at every other establishment we had visited.)

restaurant, Linden,
Al la Bouffe
I must report that we have never had an issue using the app. All the restaurants knew what it was, and accommodated us when we announced that we wanted to use the app. We usually also only announces it when we want to pay, so that it can be reflected in the invoice.

The breakfast was divine!

Vegetarian omelet

Egg and salmon breakfast
We have added a new breakfast spot with some other favourite restaurants! We would not have found it without The Entertainer!

I am also allowed to ping the offers which has enabled our working lady to also go out for a couple of dining experiences!

Now where can we go, and how much can we save on our next outing?

What have you found through The Entertainer?

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