Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Menstrual cups are the bomb!

I got menstrual cups for myself and my daughter at last year's The Working Mothers Expo. I have tried to order online before, but without success, and was super excited to find it at the Expo. The initial expense of R485 (35.92 USD) each is a bit steep, but it pays itself off within two to three months!

We have been using it for a couple of months now, and we would never go back! In the beginning it feels a bit awkward and you feel you should be checking on it, but it is not necessary at all. It stays put for a whole day. I wish I had found it earlier on in my life.

There are only advantages in using a menstrual cup. My twenty-something daughter enjoys the freedom of it just as much!

Advantages of using a menstrual cup:

- It's cheap and economical. You don't have to buy sanitary products ever again! (In a girl's lifetime it is only necessary to purchase 4 of these)

- It's easy to use. The instructions are easy to follow!

- It's clean. There are less spills than with ordinary sanitary products! (I was most scared of this issue, but we don't bleed as much as we think! ;-))

- It is super comfortable and you don't feel it. You can do whatever sports or swimming and there are no issues!

- There are no wastage afterwards as when you use sanitary products. Think about the environment who is so much better off!

- It is made of 100% medical grade silicone, which means less cramps and period pain.

- There are no dryness and itchiness!

- You can insert it before work, and only empty it when you get home. (There is no need to remove it when urinating or having a bowel movement.)

- It's easy to clean, and put it in it's pouch for next time.

- It's easy to put it in your suitcase when traveling. It does not take up space, and can be used anywhere.

I wish we could get this to all  women struggling to get their hands on sanitary products every month! This is a real lifesaver!

I got my menstrual cup, namely Mooncup, from Maria at Butterfly Wings at the Expo.

Order online here: Mooncup

I'm sure all of the menstrual cups work on the same principle!

I can highly recommend it!

Get this!!

(Good deed of day! *Tick*)


  1. I've looked at these before. Are they not difficult to put in and really messy when removed?

  2. Hi Marcelle I was worried about the same thing, but is really easy when you get the hang of it. It is also not messy taking it out as the cup has a cool design which contains it. Also, there is not as much blood as we think there is when using sanitary products.


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