Monday, 8 May 2017

Pamper yourself this Mother's Day!

Nu Skin I Love My Mom Gift Box, #NuSkin4Moms
#NuSkin4Moms spoils
Mother's Day is upcoming, and it is lovely to look at all the Mother's Day wish-lists doing the rounds. I can come up with a few gadgets of my own!

But this Mother's Day the budget is tight! There was Valentine's Day in February where we got to spent the weekend at Dikholo, my birthday in March and our 13th anniversary. There was too much celebrations and gifts in too short a space!

I am not complaining at all! About not getting presents. Hubby and the kids have been told that a card would suffice! I have all the presents I need! I am the luckiest mother there is. I have two beautiful daughters, with both still staying under our roof! I thank my lucky stars that we are a family that's intact, and that we can share our lives together! And brace ourselves together when the going gets tough!

I was sent a Nu Skin Pamper Kit - I love my Mom Gift Box - as part of the Nu Skin Mother's Day campaign. It is a divine luxurious spoil!

The pamper kit contains:
  • ReNu Hair Mask: a deep conditioning treatment that keeps hair hydrated and prevents split ends.
  • Body Smoother: A quick-absorbing smoother that seals moisture with skin nourishing properties.
  • Hand Lotion: A moisture-rich hand lotion to keep hands supple during the upcoming winter days.
  • Epoch Fire Walker: Put your feet up and keep them rejuvenated with this soothing foot cream.

I have used all of this products already, and I will keep on using it until the last drop.
It makes me feel special, good to do something NICE for myself, and to take a bit of me-time each day! The hand cream makes my hands looks less as if they have been in water for ages. I have already had to inform Little Miss that I am a mermaid during the day. (She does not believe me, but she asks me regularly why my hands looks so wrinkly!)

The pamper kit reminds me that we as moms should take more spoil-time for ourselves, even if we don't have the luxury of a great product such as Nu Skin. We can spoil ourselves with what we have in the cupboard.

Nu Skin Epoch Fire Walker on my feet

How cool are these Instagram photos that was sent with the blog drop?
Well done, and thanks, Nu Skin and Mbali from Engage Joe Public!

The daughters that are my biggest gifts!

How do you spoil yourself?
Do you make time to spoil yourself!
What are you planning for Mother's Day?

If the budget is not that tight, this a divine pamper kit for any Mother on Mother's Day!


  1. So glad you got to spoil yourself. :)

    1. We should all do it more often for ourselves! :-)


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