Thursday, 4 May 2017

Vegetarian in a meat-eating household

Lentil Curry Wrap at Craft Beer Library
I have now been a vegetarian for nearly a year and a half. I don't want to eat meat, and I know I won't enjoy it any more! Being a vegetarian is not difficult at all!

My family has been very supportive of this lifestyle choice, and there always something on a menu at a restaurant, or at home to replace a piece of meat! My husband usually makes the meat portions, as he has done before I made the change!

I usually sort myself with a mushroom or a brinjal slice. I can now also make a mean bean curry or spicy beans. Google makes it easy! As long as we have a few options of vegetables, I do not feel that I am missing anything! I also buy a bag of mixed raw nuts at the beginning of the month which helps when I start feeling depleted!

I need to watch myself with the carbs, though! As a vegetarian you can easily start to carbo-load to fill up!

My secret was to take each meal on its own. Taking it step by step!
Each meal is a choice not to eat a living being!

If I can stop eating meat, I must be able to stop eating bread! That is my next mission! (Because the scale is going up, and not down!)
Watch this space!

Some of  the vegetarian options I found in my camera roll:
Mushrooms on the girl
Potato skins at Craft Beer Library - Super Yum!

Sometimes I get a craving for a sausage on the grill

What lifestyle changes have you made, and how did you keep to it?


  1. I stopped drinking sugar in my coffee or tea since June 16. Makes a huge difference but every time have to resist to add sugar. But great if you have decided to keep going.

    1. Great about the sugar. We also don't drink it in coffee

  2. Well done on keeping strong even when those cravings for sausage comes. These vegetarian food images of yours looks delicious!

  3. Wow good for you. I couldn't do it. I just want to cut down on eating when I feel full, that is my next goal. I have put on weight!


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