Thursday, 2 November 2017

Hasbro Fantastic Gymnastics - it's fun for boys and girls!

Budding gymnast trying her skills with Hasbro Fantastic Gymnastics
I saw the Hasbro Fantastic Gymnastics video before Little Miss opened up the game. It looked super easy! But it's not! I still haven't mastered the skill.


We were super chuffed that we got the Fantastic Gymnastics, as Hasbro also has a Toilet Trouble game. (Apparently the social media feedback is that the kids are loving a toilet spewing water at them! ;-0) But Little Miss is a gymnast herself, and she loves everything about gymnastics!

Hasbro Fantastic Gymnastics rules and game 

  • Players time their speed and rhythm to gain momentum to flip the gymnast figure around the high bar. (This is the difficult part!)
  • At the right moment, hit the release button to let him fly, and try to stick the perfect landing.
  • Get him to land on the mat on his feet for the win.
  • Play solo, head-to-head, or challenge friends to a tournament.
  • The step-by-step instruction sheet features tips for getting the perfect 100-point score.

The Hasbro Fantastic Gymnastic and Toilet Trouble board games are available from Toys R Us, ToyZone, Toy Kingdom, Hamleys, Lilliputs, TakeAlot and other major retailers.

This gets my vote for a perfect Christmas present for boys and girls! It is also a great present if you want to give one family present this year. (Check it out, grandparents!)

Disclaimer: We got Hasbro Fantastic Gymnastics as a blog drop

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