Monday, 20 November 2017

A new hairstyle at Maddy Magoo Fourways

There's a new Maddy Magoo in Fourways at The Gantry. They have been in business for three months now, and apparently it is going well with business. I got a free hair cut voucher from Kids Emporium who runs the joint Maddy Magoo Salon. Little Miss has been growing her hair ever since she got the fringe and haircut in July at Maddy Magoo, Bedford Square. She loved her fringe and her haircut, but she also loves hair styles with longer length hair. She do not want to cut it at this stage.

I phoned Jackie at Maddy Magoo Fourways, and she was more than willing to change the free haircut to a free hairstyle. We saw her own hairstyle on Instagram, and Little Miss got very excited!

A transformation happened. A change of hairstyle is just as good as a holiday!

We were greeted by the friendly Vusi (see photo above), who washed Little Miss' hair and told us that we should never ever use shampoos with paraben. Little Miss's scalp is very dry. (I went back and checked. Luckily we do not, but I need to be aware!)

Little Miss wanted plaits as well, and the very skillful Olivia did a great job. It took more than two hours, but it is well worth it! Little Miss has been showing off ever since!

Apprehensive about a new hairstyle
Maddy Magoo Fourways
Olivia busy with the plaits

Plaits - Maddy Magoo

Maddy Magoo Fourways
Excited much!

Nearly there! Plaits

Plaits at Maddy Magoo Fourways. Check this!
I was pleasantly surprised with The Gantry. There's a Papachinos just across the road at the shopping mall. I could also browse through the very inspiring Kids Emporium while Little Miss had her hair done!

Thanks Kids Emporium and Maddy Magoo!
You made a little girl's dream come true!

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  1. Wow that's some interesting hair! How long did it stay in? I also like that area. Had been to Pappacinos before that is a really nice one.

    1. Hi Heather It’s supposed to stay in for a while. We will have to see how long it stays neat. The school is not impressed and told her she’s not allowed to do it again. But she can keep it until the end of the year. It feels a bit like double standards?😲
      But we love it for now!


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