Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Shrek JR The Musical

Peoples Theatre
Shrek JR at the People's Theatre
By now we know that a People's Theatre Production is always worth going! It's the best way ever to introduce children to the theatre!

Children's Theatre
Shrek JR The Musical
I am always amazed at how true the production stays to the original story-line, but always with a South African infusion. Well done, Jill Gerard and Keith Smith! You and your whole creative crew are doing a great job! The staging, costumes, good sound and lighting are a delight. Of course, the actors makes the story comes alive! They are animated and engrossed in what they do! The children especially brings that extra oomph to the play!

Jill Gerard and Keith Smith on stage with the cast of Shrek JR

We were invited to the opening night on Friday night. For the first time we went for a quick bite at the Stages Restaurant at the Joburg Theatre Complex. The food is excellent and very well priced!
But you can always get a hotdog at the People's Theatre, which works very well for the little one's!

As always, Little Miss had to get a trinket for the show. (Very clever to have the goodies on sale, People's Theatre! ;-) By now it is part of the experience. We even got a scolding that she did not have enough time before the show to investigate all that is on sale!
Of course, this time, slime seemed like the perfect accompaniment for Shrek!
Slime is a perfect accompaniment to Shrek JR

Shrek JR The Musical is a delight! We enjoyed the show so much. Little Miss is now a true Fiona fan.

Photo opp with Fiona - Shrek JR

This is great for a family outing! The show is on for the next Saturdays in November for a morning and an afternoon show.

To ensure you get a discount as a Kid's Club member, make your booking directly at the Theatre:
Peoples Theatre

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