Thursday, 12 June 2014

A dad's heart got broken this morning

Dad is the one who drops Little Missy off at school in the mornings.

He is used to carrying her to the class, and sometimes even having to put her in the arms of a teacher. She can be very clingy, especially when she is still sleepy...

This morning she announced just before the school building that her dad must put her down and leave her there.
When her dad protested and told her that the class will still be locked, she told him not to worry and that she will wait in front of the class.
She walked away with her bag on her back, and not looking back once...

Hubby phoned me and told me that his heart was broken!
It happened so unexpectedly!


  1. Wow, I would also be heartbroken! The rejection! She's growing up to fast!

  2. Poor guy. That would break any Dad's heart.

  3. Shame man :( Bittersweet moment!

  4. Oh gosh..that was bound to happen...she is becoming independent.

  5. You gave her the tools to be able to do this. Testimony to successful parenting. Kudos, Mom & Dad :)

  6. Ouch! I'm not looking forward to that moment.

  7. Shame I feel for him. Little Missy is not so little any more!


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