Monday, 23 June 2014

Mountain climber

Walking down to Bell Park Dam, and back up again. 

It went so well on the first day last week on our Midweek break, that we decided to try the walk from Monk's Cowl to the waterfall on the way to the Sphinx.  

The promise of play at the waterfall helped to keep us moving. The waterfall seemed to be just around the next corner, and the next corner...

We got there, and Little Missy walked there all on her own! (We are impressed!)
Icy cold water

We cannot get enough photos of these mountains.
We did climb Sterkhorn a few years ago!
Ice-cream for a mountain climber
She did tell me afterwards that she would only consider climbing at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens the next time...

This was a bit hard!


  1. Beautiful photos Karin. We walked down and then paddled right around the dam...must say the walk back up was H.E.L.L.

  2. Wow impressive little Missy!


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