Thursday, 12 June 2014

Artist Tracy Paul adds some whimsy at Macaroon

The online stationary boutique, Macaroon, launched a new series yesterday. They collaborated with Tracy Paul, well-known for her enchanting and whimsical sketches of African animals.

Tracy Paul for Macaroon - launch in Greenside
Macaroon note books and tags and cards, with Tracy Paul designs
Macaroon specialises in trademark invitations, journals, notepads, stationery sets, gift tag collections, classic bookplate stickers and vinyl products, which can all be personalized.

There is nothing as swoon-worthy as a stationary store, and you cannot walk out of this store without buying something for yourself, or as a gift to someone...

THIS is how I imagine Heaven to be!

Bloggers and journalists at the launch 
Tracy Paul thanking Macaroon for making one of her dreams come true!
Champagne, cake and strawberries

The giraffe with the beautiful quote by Roald Dahl:

"And above all
watch with glittering eyes
the whole world around you
because the greatest secrets
are always hidden
in the most unlikely places"
(I am going back for this!)
A box labelled "special delivery" with
"whimsical wishes" note cards
(For a present! Not for me!
Next time...)

Thanks Macaroon!

It is expensive! And you will buy something!


  1. Ek wens daar was 'n macaroon hier...dit lyk awesome.

  2. I enjoyed it too! I think stationery is very tempting, especially as an ex teacher. Nice to be organised in a beautiful way. Also nice to connect with you again. :)


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