Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Car key gnomes? Yes, exactly - Book review

Car key gnomes and other household pests - print screen of kickstarted cover page
Car key gnomes and other household pests - Miciah Dodge (print screen)

"A book of charming, silly poems of mischievous household faeries; paired with the enchanting, vibrant artwork they deserve!"


We now have names for those mysterious things that happens in a home, especially when kids are around. 

Car key gnomes and other household pests. When you see the cover of a book, and start flipping through it, and each page is a treasure... That's what this book is! I WANT IT as a coffee table exhibit, and I know any child (of any age), would love to browse through it. Miciah Dodge, the author, who is the dad of the boys who gave him the idea, sent me a pdf copy of the book.

Each page consists of an hilarious poem of the mysterious reasons why something disappears, mishaps or mess in the house. These "pests" have the most insightful names: Car-key Gnomes, Sock Goblins, the Forgetting Fairy, the Stink Boggle, Brownie, Messy-room Sprites, Shoe Leprechaun, Knotty Pixies, Eraser Elf...  They have the ability to become household names in homes across the world, because we all deal with these "fairies". 

The art work by Danie Plott is stunning. Three-dimensional clay figurines are placed in real-life household settings. They are the stars who make the poems come to life. I don't want to share more of the beautiful art work, as it deserves to have the book in hand. Check out the website for the art: Car key Gnomes Book.

I love everything about the book, except the font being used. It makes it a bit difficult to read. Maybe it will be different with the hard copy in hand?  

I still give it 5/5. It is beautiful, and funny, and an art work to keep!

I have joined to be notified when the Kickstarter project Car key gnomes and other household pests starts. Please do the same. This book needs to get out in the world!

Thanks, Miciah Dodge, for a copy of the book! I hope we see it soon. 

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